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[18+] Blind dates LFG system (just speak to the innkeeper!)

Jun 18, 2015
:vycuc: Blind dates LFG system :vycuc:

You know the inkeepers' LFG system? Where you can speak with any inkeeper and it will let you join some sort of queue, and then assemble automatically a group when enough people queued for the same dungeon.

Well most people don't even know about this system, and who can blame them! I mean, it's a very rudimentary dungeon finder and probably one of the most useless features in the game. But maybe we can find a way to make a good use of it.

- How it works

So here is my idea: why not using it as an in-game blind date finder? So this is how it should work:

1. Speak to any inkeeper and choose a dungeon to join (based on your level).
2. Each dungeon will be like a codename for a specific kind of sexual preference (ex. “The Deadmines” means “twerking with pants off”, check the full list below).
3. Once you've queued for whatever “dungeon” you like, you'll have to move to Ratchet and wait at the inn. You'll find many beds in there and don't worry, goblins do care about your privacy.
4. At this point you'll wait there till the group is automatically formed and then you can arrange the details through the party chat.
5. Since the party group will be formed by five members there will be only two couples, so the fifth member might be disappointed. But again, it all depends on the arrangements, and I suggest you to be openminded.
6. One last thing, this “dungeon” finder wont consider your gender while forming the group so you might end up with other four people of your same gender. So be ready to be disappointed or unexpectedly satisfied.
7. Use protections.

- Sexual preferences codenames

Ragefire Chasm (13-18) - Only closed mouth kissing, no tongue (touching is allowed, but with cloths on)
Wailing Caverns (17-24) - Classic teenager couch makeout (french kissing, some private parts touching, no penetration, most cloths should stay on)
The Deadmines (17-26) - Twerking with pants off (no penetration)
Shadowfang Keep (22-30) - Bondage with black leather cloths and whip (no wounds)
Blackfathom Deeps (24-32) - Bondage with black leather cloths and whip (scratches, bites, and all sort of hardcore stuff allowed)
The Stockade (24-32) - Face sitting (with panties on)
Gnomeregan (29-38) - Face sitting (with panties off)
Razorfen Kraul (29-38) - Face sitting (with panties off, farts allowed)
The Scarlet Monastery (34-45) - Just for menses lovers
Razorfen Downs (37-46) - Do it from behind
Uldaman (41-51) - Do it from behind (no lubricant)
Zul'Farrak (42-46) - Drink my mojo and I'll drink yours
Maraudon (46-55) - Overweight people
Temple of Atal'Hakkar (50-56) - Classic bed sex (no extravagance)
Blackrock Depths (52-60) - Only midgets allowed
Lower Blackrock Spire (55-60) - Vaginal or anal penetration (no oral or any other socket)
Upper Blackrock Spire (55-60) - Just oral (no vaginal, anal or any other socket)
Dire Maul (55-60) - 20 inches or superior
Stratholme (58-60) - Necrophilia (with protections)
Scholomance (58-60) - Necrophilia (no protections, watchout kids...)

- Ratchet of love

Here you can see some pictures of the inn at Ratchet. The first one is a classic double bed:

Some comfortable single beds (still enough space for two):

Rustic beds on the floor, if you like it rough:

Private room with emo doll and a nice view:

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Apr 16, 2016
I smell virginity from this post ..... seriously man stop watching porn, turn off your computer and go find some girlfriend maybe boyfriend :wink: ... necrophilia wtf is wrong with you ? :no:
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