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Other 5-man party composition


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Sep 7, 2014
I was planning to do some multiboxing on the server and I'm been thinking: what would be the most optimal composition on the Alliance for some PVE action? Most likely pre-raid only, unless there will be some open minded Guilds :).

Currently I'm pondering if a warrior, a warlock and 3 priests, preferrable shadow, would be the most viable setup for this kind of playstyle.

3 Vampiric Embraces most probable will not keep the warrior topped in all situations but I'm thinking this would be enough for the majority of time. The warlock would provide quite considerable DPS increase for the priests, some additional utility via the pets and obviously has a good DPS as a class. Also, warrior, wl and priest are the three first classes I leveled in retail Classic, which is a plus :).

Would there be a setup that provides better synergy resulting in an overall better performance, utility and adaptivity to various situations? Maybe a druid, a paladin (holy) and 3 hunters could be worth considering?

Any thoughts on the subject?
sorry for saying this beforehand.... Do not open spoiler if you cannot take the truth :wink:

i honestly dislike you for desecrating 1.12.1 with your multiboxing addiction... are you really unable to compete with others without literally cheating ? each time i see a multiboxer i think "what a sad life that person must have, not being able to make a friend or communicate with others.... get a life....".

you are a very sad pitiable person and i hope you go to ED instead...

note: once again i am very sorry but this is how i feel towards the pitiable multiboxers who cant seem to play fair or find friends but rely on cheap tricks... go away please :biggrin:
A bit harsh...

Most of the vanilla fun comes from playing with others. Even if multibox will be allowed here (which I hope is not) I think its a stupid idea to miss out on that fun.

On Topic:
4 times spriest and 1 healer would be easiest I guess.
Sorry to say but i have to agree with the others multiboxing is really just a lame way to play. Find some friends instead and play with them. WoW is a social game :)
My opinion: Multibox should be a limited option you can get, since you paid fofr extra accounts on official wow. maybe donations for another account is a good idea.

Edit: But it can be really fun killing multiboxers in pvp and camp them. (lots of honor and dying enemies^^ -5x death noices-)
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Multiboxing is killing the essential idea behind MMO games and that is - playing together and socialize with other players. Its not so critical in World of Warcraft but it sure destroyed the spirit of other MMO games like Dofus ( joined one of the biggest guilds there only to realize that with 50+ characters online no one ever talked or wanted to do anything simply because it was people on 8 accounts doing their thing -.- ).

I think the game makers are a little shortsighted on this topic - they think its more money for those accounts they are getting but they dont realize the frustration these multiboxers cause to other players eventually making them quit. Multiboxing is like trying to run the relay on the Olympics all by yourself. Just my thoughts about this topic.
i honestly hope they will prevent multiboxing here, or atleast disable multiboxing software that kopies key's and similar... multiboxing was as good as non-existant back then and i see no reason to allow it.
Multiboxing WAS non-existant as we know it today. The only multi-boxing was manual, where u had to ALT+TAP between the clients, which is pretty much nothing compared to the multi-boxing we know today.

Imo you should get banned for multi-boxing, as i hope it will be restricted.
Multi-boxing should not be allowed. In Vanilla retail, the only multi-boxing I recall was the very rare case of some dude having a priest healbot follow around his warrior.
Ah, so much hate. I was kind of expecting this. No problems, I can compose a proper and fun setup by myself.

Multiboxing in Classic was indeed slightly more rarer than in TBC but in no way non-existent. The multiboxing scene was well and alive during Classic. I would claim the multiboxing did not increase considerably from Classic to TBC/WotLK, atleast on the servers I've played on.

Granted, there were no isboxer, keyclone or such software readily available during the early times of Classic. However, cloning keystrokes and mouse has never been an issue and it was especially easy to do with PS/2 hardware which was kind of relevant during the Classic. ALT+TAP wasn't and never will be a proper way to multibox and it should not be called such.
slightly ? it was beyond rare since no-one had the software to multibox and the only ones who did paid a massive monthly + they had to pay for multibox software...

most of the multibox software caused your characters to slowly spread as you moved around or key-copy wasnt replicated to all but only some... and worst case blizzards anti-cheat would ban you... for these reasons multiboxers where as good as extinct compared to TBC...

as said by those above and on other threads: i hope multiboxing is banable or not possible.

note: if you didn't already notice... you are not welcome as long as you intend on multiboxing... why would you even consider it ? the reason you play 1.12.1 is to get the original feeling and play a more social mmo than retail has become....
Massive 13e*5 fee, oh geez. Also, according to your second paragraph, you have no idea how the multiboxing works (in the case of WoW).

Your opinion is duly noted. However, I will be doing multiboxing unless the developers decide to forbid it. In that case, I'll comply and stay within the defined rules.

Also, multiboxing and social behaviour are not mutually exclusive.
Since it's for 5mans, I would say 5x shaman, but you wanted an alliance setup, so you better decide that for yourself depending on your experience as a multiboxer.

Personally I'd like to see tank+healer+3 firemages for the rolling ignites. Scorching up a boss does a neat synergy in itself. But I haven't tried playing more than two different classes, so I cannot give proper suggestions on that matter :)
i would say the best and safest setup is 5x paladins.

note: i will "hunt you down" and i hope you will reconsider playing here since it is more than obvious that you aren't welcome as long as you intend on multiboxing here.... on feenix youre welcomed with open arms as multiboxer since they dont care that much but as said here you will be detested by me and others.
Crowl, take into account that the official staff statement is still that multiboxing is permitted. You don't have to agree with it, but I think that this hatred from your side is not correct at all.

I find really unnecessary send away any potential players this way.

According to me, multiboxing is harmless. If someone enjoys it, so let them play.
The real evil is cheating, hacking, exploiting etc. If someone wants to fight with something, these are the real targets.
it harm's world pvp in the sense that you cannot fight them 1v5 even if it essentially is 1 person vs another. and should it occur that the multiboxer wants to kill you for fun then you would stand no chance, you could maybe kill 1-3 but he would ultimately win and be able to camp you.

aside from that a multiboxer can farm expensive dungeon materials such as Rightous Orb.

or 2 multibox friends meet late at night 1 on each faction and start win trading, or a person with 5x characters joins a BG and screws it up or dominates it completely. or they trade 5x free kills on each character once every week/month multibox enables multiple exploits that a normal single account wouldn't be able to do.

I know my hatred for those MB'ers is exaggerated and i wont mind him joining, as long as he doesnt multibox :smile:, afterall 1.12.1 had no multiboxing aside from a tank with a healer on follow where he controls both manually which was extremely rare. i just don't want it to turn into multibox heaven such as Feenix :wacko:
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