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[A] [NA / East Coast] Looking for Guild


New Member
Mar 12, 2018
Hello all!

I am looking for an Alliance guild to join that lines up with my time EST time zone.

I've been playing WoW since beta and played Vanilla all the way up to Naxx. I was a guild officer for Rogues and would run multiple raids per week clearing MC/BWL/AQ20/Zul'Gurub/Ony/and more. The guild I was in had cleared the furthest into Naxx at the time I quit the game right before TBC. I had a fully geared Paladin, who almost made Grand Marshall in pvp, and a rogue that I raided with.

Since then I have been an off and on gamer with Wow. I've played periods of each expansion and have two accounts with every class/race combo leveled up, but never reconnected with a guild or community so I would lose interest.

This time I am interested in starting from scratch and enjoying my time playing where it all started. With that said, I do have a min/max mentality and always strive to do the best when it comes to raid prep, gear, optimize dps, etc.

In game name is Swindle, Human Rogue.

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