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Horde <Acumen> EU


New Member
Jan 25, 2015
<Acumen> PvE/PvP (Progress)

We are a Horde Progress Guild with focus on PvE.
Pvp will be an important part as well (Premades, some rank 14 ppl) :biggrin:

EU (GMT +1)
2-3 Times a Week (Progress)
1-2 TImes a Week (ZG,AQ 20, for alts and Friends/Socials)

Guild Website: http://acumen.kronos.shivtr.com/

Our Goal:
A friendly, nice and good Rooster to walk constantly through the upcoming Content!
We have no need for lootwhores, singleplayer and childish people!

What we can offer:
A Good Guild Structure (Council, Class Leader)
Fair Loot System
A lot of fun and nice people

Other Information:
We will raid with MAX 3 Hybrid Slots (Shadowpriest, Feral, Enhancer ect.)
Yes you can progress with Hybrids!
After we reach a good and full Rooster, we offer "so called" social/friend guild spots!
Spoken Language will be English

Now its up to you!

If you are interessted, active, friendly and want to be a part of <Acumen>
then grab your chance and fill out our App!

For more Information feel free to ask! :tongue:
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It will be a group Decision based on the time of most member.
But i think it will be like this
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