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Addon request / lf addon dev


Apr 11, 2016

I've got 2 addon/script requests for anyone able to help. We can discuss a possible tip if anyone is able/willing to deliver.

A simple script that hides the minimap when entering a battleground and shows it again after exiting.

Stand-alone bg gy resstimer+ab/av capture timers. (or if kuurtz is still around, please add this to efs )) )

I realize there are already addons for this such as bgassist, but I would really like to have just a digital numerical display for wsg gy res timer that would be movable and similar for ab/av captures. No extra texts or bars, only the time remaining. I guess if anyone wanted to develop this from scratch, the code from bgassist would prolly help: https://github.com/ericraio/vanilla-wow-addons/tree/master/b/BGAssist

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