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Addon Studio


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Aug 23, 2014
Addon Development

Here's a list of very usefull link's if you should be interrested in trying to make your own or work on existing old addons.

Introduction: Basic introduction to addon development
ACE2: Documentation on the old ACE2 addon system
Book: Find your answer's in Blizzard's original addon developer book
Wowinterface: Developer Library
Notepad++: Best software for making addons

note: i hope that more will join in to make, fix or improve timeless addon's that can be used on Kronos ☺

tip: Kronos is the 1st and only private server that goes into so much detail with their quality that they are even fixing all Combat Log & API cases which means old addons work a lot better and when developing you won't encounter as many dead ends like on other servers where they only care for the most complained cases XD
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