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Advanced Macro question


New Member
Apr 19, 2016
Yes i use super macro.
I also use LunaUI, and use its /lunamo macro for my mouse over heals.

My question is how to combine that mouse over with other macro criteria I want.

Eg. cast "spell x" until crit, then cast "spell y" in mouse over.
I'd want something like this macro as a mouse over, if its possible?
/run i=0 m=0 c=CastSpellByName while not (GetPlayerBuff(i)==-1) do if (strfind(GetPlayerBuffTexture(GetPlayerBuff(i)),"Spell_Nature_NaturesBlessing")) then m=1 end i=i+1 end if m==0 then c("Regrowth(Rank 2)") else c("Healing Touch(Rank 3)") end
Which casts Regrowth till it crits (giving the Natures Grace buff), then cast the longer Healing Touch spell.

I have this stand alone mouse over macro also if they are able to be combined?
/run c=CastSpellByName s="SPELLNAME" m="mouseover" if UnitExists(m) and UnitReaction(m,"player")>4 then TargetUnit(m) c(s) TargetLastTarget() else c(s) end


Nov 1, 2015
something like that
if m==0 then c("Regrowth(Rank 2)") else if UnitExists("mouseover" ) and UnitReaction("mouseover" ,"player")>4 then TargetUnit("mouseover") c(s) TargetLastTarget() else c(s)
jus tnot sure if you can do it with 255 symbols limit
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