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[MC] Molten Core <Agony> Molten Core PUG


Oct 23, 2014
&amp;lt;Agony&amp;gt; Molten Core PUG

Short version:

What: MC PUG
When: Every Sunday 19:00 Server time
Requirements: Pre-raid bis + consumables (incl. GFPP) + Teamspeak 3 + raid addons
Reserved: Legendaries + cores

TS3 link: https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads#
addon pack link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/verpubb7rul6c6y/AddonPack_EssentialToRaid_Tzui.zip?dl=0

Longer version:

The last three weeks I have been hosting MC PUG in the weekend with my warrior (Tzui).

I want this to be a weekly run, and hopefully I can keep getting awesome players who wants to have a good time in raid while getting loot on their chars. I don't mind players coming with alts, or whatever, as long as they have decent gear and can contribute to the raid.

The goal for the run is full clear each week. More and more player are bringing water for the runes each week, and it is very much appreciated to avoid having to wait for us to bring other chars in to summon Domo.

The raid is, as you might understand, filled with a lot of Agony players who are supporting the raid to achieve its goal (full and hopefully smooth clear). I start invite in Orgrimmar at 19:00. I appreciate players whispering me prior to the raid about their intereste so that I can check their gear. However, please don't ask if invite is started before 19:00.

I make this post to promote the raid, but mostly to inform about loot rules, requirements and giving you a link to addons I deem essential.

== Raid Time and Invites ==

The raid is every Sunday at 19:00 Server time.
Invites will be in Orgrimmar by inspection (or in rare cases by whisper). Look in world chat for information.

== Loot rules ==

This means e.g.: If you come as a fury, you will not get prio on tank gear
However, you can ask to come as a fury and roll on tank gear as MS, but then you need to ask with me if it's okey.
I will not differ between sword or dagger rogues, since this is such an early instance.

Class prios
Quick Strike Ring, dps warriors
Strikers Mark, melee dps
Talisman of Ephemeral Power, caster dps
Ring of Spell Power, caster dps
Mana Igniting Core, caster dps
Azuresong Mageblade, caster dps
Wristguard of True Flight, hunters
Band of Accuria, hunter+rogue+tanks
Choker of the Fire Lord, caster dps
Perdition's Blade, rogue
Shadowstrike, paladin prio (no discussion!)

Legendaries + cores

Only players in raid
I will not permit a player to roll boe items for a character that is not in the raid.

== Requirements ==

Pre-raid bis.
This means the best gear for your class outside 40man raids.
I prefer casters to have bloodvine set and hit cap.
I prefer fury/rogues with a lot of hit.

Exception rule: Being beneath pre-raid bis
I want to make a separate rule here. A lot of good geared players who is the best contributors feel it is unfair to lose a roll of the best item to a player with bad gear and an accompanied bad dps.
That is why, if you have gear beneath pre-raid bis standard you will basically only be able to roll on t1 and other few select items. Which shouldn't necessarily be a bad thing considering your gear. Still a lot of loot to pick up.

What I define as "beneath pre-raid bis":
- Lacking hit
- Having green items (Exception, items like: bracers with a lot of +healing, or wands with spelldmg, etc..)
- Or basically having items that is far from what is commonly known as pre-raid bis.

Please ask me about your gear if you are not sure (or if you wonder what you need to improve to be pre-raid bis).

The loot only available for pre-raid bis players is:
- T2 legs
- Benediction
- Band of Accuria
- Quick Strike Ring
- Strikers mark

If requested I will make a more detailed list. Hopefully most people will be able to reach the pre-raid bis and we can all contribute for a great raid.

- Greater Fire Protection Potion (GFPP) (Important for us to kill Ragnaros)

Im not gonna require a lot more here, but Im just gonna say that I can see from effort and meters who is using consumables and they will be awarded with raid spot in the future (and enjoy the raid more)

Optional, but preferred consumables:
- food buff stamina ( Tender wolf )
- food buff str ( smoked desert dumplings )
- Juju Power
- Juju Might
- Mongoose
- Superior Defence Elixir
Mana user:
- food buff mp5 ( some fish.. cba looking it up atm )
- Major Mana
- Greater Arcane Elixir
- Elixir of Shadow Power
- Elixir of Fortitude
- Rumsey Rum Black Label

The list above is not a perfect list, but rather a guideline.

Teamspeak 3.
We need you to be on teamspeak and listen during raids. This will make the raid go faster and we can all understand each other better.
Download here: https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads#

== Essential Addons ==

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/verpubb7rul6c6y/AddonPack_EssentialToRaid_Tzui.zip?dl=0

This contains:

- BigWigs Kronos version
(Bossfight timers. it's not optimal, but after the first knocked back melees should use the timer to move out before it is 2 seconds remaining)

- Decursive
(all healers / casters must have this to decurse or dispell easily during fights)

- KTM (KLHThreatMeter) v17.35
(Threatmeter. EVERYONE MUST HAVE THIS. If you don't have it we can't see if you are about to get agro)

(dps/heal meter. It's a fairly good meter that syncs his data with the rest of the raid)
(Tip: go to settings and style it. It looks like shit at start. And include pet dps for correct output)

- - - Updated - - -

Next raid will be Sunday, 8. May, 19:00.

However I won't be able to make it the week after, tho we will probably get someone else from Agony who can host it. I'll keep you posted.
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Feb 22, 2016
Re: &amp;lt;Agony&amp;gt; Molten Core PUG

Very nice post and effort.

Will join as soon as I'm hit capped.

Good luck to you guys!

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