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[AQ] AhnQiraj Ahn'Qiraj footage (post-release testing)


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Jan 25, 2016
Greetings Raiders!

For many of you these days means new challenges, new loot, new victories. For us it means a new stage of Testing can begin.

As you know the Ahn'Qiraj instances were not tested with 40 players pre-release like Blackwing Lair was. Nevertheless i can promise you that hundreds of hours have gone into turning the instances from their default state to what they are now - so I am not as dissapointed as you may be when considering the manpower we had available.

Don't forget that after the War Effort began:
- Nostalrius was closed
- Kronos population increased immensely
- Kronos 2 was opened
- Staff had to be recruited for K2 (and also K1)
- DDOS was a big problem for a while
- New serverhardware was waited for and then installed
- Gold-seller filters had to be created and fine-tuned

All of these points were unpredictable and yet forced immediate attention, pushing AQ40 down the priority list. Having personally been very involved with testing AQ I admit that it does not live up to the Kronos raid-standard. But at the same time i would remind you that the Kronos standard itself has been improved since War Effort started aswell, again pointing to the points above.

The point of this post is to let you know that we are not finished improving AQ.
I invite everyone who were streaming their first raids to provide a link so that your footage can be used by us to see how the encounters worked for you in a 40-man (or 20man) situation.
Many bugs have already been identified and with your footage we can make them work much easier.
If there is teamspeak/voice on the footage thats even better!

Safe travels


Jan 25, 2015
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