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Alliance Quest Tips


Oct 27, 2014
Helle everyone, I gathered information on Alliance leveling for my guild and will share this with you here (in case someone needs it):

Ok, in case you didn't know, there is a really good guide for leveling:




These are really top notch and include stuff that you may not know yet. The guide starts from level 30. It may occur that you don't know how to get to 30 at first (Alliance quest flow is not as good as Horde's flow), so I can give you this from my experience:

LVL 1-10: Your race's starting area. Try to get every quest possible, so you can even be lvl 11 or 12 when leaving. This means, for example, that you run to Elwyn Forest's farms and get those quest (they are not pointed at through quests, so do it yourself). If you enter Westfall at level 11/12, your experience will be easier.

LVL 11-20: Westfall. Not only will you find the most players here, but also you will get the prequests for the Deadmines (nice rewards). With Westfall alone, you should get to level 15/16 (get the quests at the lighthouse at the shore and from Alex Barov near SW cathedral). Then you will be sent to Lakeshire, on the way you can pick up a quest that sends you to Loch Modan. Do all the running to get the FPs and the EXP :) After finishing Westfall (not Deadmines), quest in Redridge and get the Deadmine quests as well. At level 17/18 you should do Deadmines and the rest of Lakeshire/Westfall. Try to do the Redridge elite quests.

LVL 20-30: Start the Duskwood quests. Remember that there are quest givers at Ravenhold, the northwestern corner at the river and in the middle of Duskwood (at the street that goes to STV), so pick those up. This way you should hit 23/24. At this point you need to zone swap and level in Wetlands, starting in Menethil (if you did the running quest drom Goldshire, you have the FP for Loch Modan and IF). At 25/26 you can do the Stockades, but make sure you get all quests (Addon Atlas Loot + Atlas Quest will show quests for each dungeon). If you did everything well, you should get to 30 this way.

If you can't level up as I described above, you can use the following zones in between, to close gaps:
- Darkshore for 10-20
- Ashenvale and Stonetalon for 20-25
- Thousand Needles -> Shimmering Flats for 28-30
- Shadowfang Keep (warlocks and paladins have to anyway)

Have fun leveling :)
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Aug 18, 2014
I leveled alot of times , playing only with ally 8 years in vanilla from retail to private. if you want never run out of quests and even have so many of them that you will get confused follow this road . Starting nightelf finish their first zone ( lvl 11) , then while you are travelling to lochmodan and westfall , take some 8+ quests in dun morogh and elwyn forest ( quests give same xp yeallow , red , green doesnt matter) after you finish those you should be 13lvl , then loch modan + westfall in same time , you should be on green , max yeallow quests all the time ( like finish lvl 11 quest in westfall then go to loch modan for lvl 11 quest) after both zones i usually hit 21-22 lvl with deadmines ( at lvl 17 enter lakeshire for few quest , because at 22 they will be gray ) . Then lakeshire + wetlands + duskwood ( count in stockades , gnomeregan ) after those zones i was lvl 32-33 , then thousand needles desert quests (take flight path in tanaris) , soutshore+ early stv+ arathi highlands , 36+ also add decolace after those zones i was 43 lvl , then tanaris + end of stv + feralas + hiterlands + 48lvl few quests azshara ,searing george + fel wood + un'goro crater.. well and now just take end leveling zone you want , i dont like EPL and WPL , so i prefer winterspring , burning steppes . trust me your quest log will stay full all the time! With human i got exalted in SW at lvl 38 , with night elf in rebirth i got my horse at lvl 44 it was from stormwind


Nov 29, 2012
All the travelling arround will cost you more time then simply grinding it out till you have the appropriate level.
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