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Alliance Warlock vs Horde.

Sep 26, 2018

So, im new to this community and figured, im going to roll a Warlock.

Thing is, how much of a bitch is horde to face as a Alliance lock? Human to be exact.
Is it that big of a deal or what's your thoughts and tips?

Ty for replys!
Dec 25, 2014
It depends on what you plan to do. In world pvp it definitely sucks to have 2/3 undead enemies as alliance. In premate vs. Premate pvp it sucks to be horde warlock because of fearward and paladins despelling 24/7
Oct 5, 2014
Southern California, USA
Easy to bait undead wotf or other races' pvp trinkets, for undead just open with fear and gain ground, time your second fear to hit just after the 5 second mark where it ends.
8/10 times that gives you the win 1v1, as they really don't know what to do, you can tell lol.

For the other races, re casting a second fear almost immediately after will shut down those MLG pvp nerds' immediate trinket use.

Great time to /lol

Obviously warriors aren't as easy to pull off, but cast it when you can (preferably before they see you/charge you) to make them pop cds anyway. And of course save deathcoil for after intercept, also learn to deadzone.

Edit - perception is pretty great, use on enemy druid efcs and once I popped three rogues out of stealth with it (plus paranoia) playing defense in flag room. Just be pre-emptive about it.
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