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Alterac Valley release


May 22, 2015
Dear Kronos team

As a veteran player on your realms i would like to start this post with a big thank you for all your efforts and the possibility you provide us to play vanilla wow.

On the other hand I want to draw the attention to the AV release this past friday. I know it is hard to fix things and that new bugs can always appear when you introduce new content or port it from PTR.

i was personally disappointed with the release - probably because i m used to better content and this did not live up to kronos‘ standards. i am sure that the AV version that was released is not the experience you wanted to deliver. probably everyone would have understood better if you had kept us informed of what is going on.

in the last few months it has been harder to find official information sometimes on discord, sometimes on reddit, through ingame announcements, in the forum or on the homepage. maybe you can streamline this?

again, thanks for your efforts!


Nov 1, 2015
actually it is kronos experience 2018 ™. all releases will be cool like this one, just switch to horde and you are guchi
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