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[AQ] AhnQiraj AQ20 Raidguide


Apr 28, 2016
I decided to make a AQ20 raid guide for anyone looking to start running it. Keep in mind some mechanics will be different and I will be updating this post with more accurate info after my first run on this server.
This guide does not provide in-depth tactics/positioning since AQ20 is not that hard. Just a clear outline of the instance so that everyone may prepare themselves for what to expect.
There are reference videos at the end of each boss so readers can see the layout/general idea of the fight.
Trash do alot of poisons-druids and pallies must actually be cleansing shit.
Cleanse = any kind of de-poisoning.
Most Bosses are Tauntable.

Difficulty: Slightly above ZG/MC, below BWL.
Main Reputation: Cenarian Circle. Secondary: Brood of Nozdormu
Reputation Loot (Cenarian Circle): Ring-Honored, Cloak-Revered, Weapon-Exalted.
Reset time: 3 days.


Most trash can be rooted (Entangling roots, frost nova, etc), or stunnable. Only a few can be feared: Wasps and other Silithids.

Qiraji Gladiators: Melee-ranged AOE, Knockback (does not clear threat), Enrage (when it's pair dies). Root one and kill other.
Qiraji Swarmguard: Cleaves.
Wasps: Volleys a spit debuff that turns into (After a little time) a high dmg dot-poison. Stun these and Kill prio > Stingers. Cleanse the dot.
Stingers: Randomly charges people (no knockback, returns to tank). Comes in a pack with 2x Wasps.

Soldiers: Dot-Poison. Retaliation (~thorns, at 30% HP). Melee stop attacking when they get to 30% HP (save healer mana + runtime).
Sand Stalkers: Burrow (come up after 5 seconds). Kill Soldiers>Sandstalkers.
Flesh Hunters: Eats someone(at beginning of encounter, within melee range), hard single-target poison.

Obsidian Destroyers: AOE mana drain, Arcane Explosion (at 100% mana). You need to mana drain these, 2-3 viper stings and spriest manaburning is fine.

Anubisath Guardian: These guys are like AQ40 ones in mechanics, but slightly easier. They have one spell from 5 pairs of spells:

  1. Meteor (AOE dmg reduced my # of targets it hits) or Plague (1 person gets plague (AOE Dot, like Hakkar's corruption), he runs away from raid and gets extra heals)
  2. Shadowbolt Volley (Hits ranged-only for moderate dmg (1k), ranged come closer) or Thunderclap (2k dmg, melee beware of your HP)
  3. Reflect Magic: Frost+Shadow or Arance+Fire.
  4. Explode or Enrage: At 10% or so they start exloding - Burn them down in both cases.
  5. Summons adds: Warrior (Thunderclap, Knockback (no threat loss)) or Swarmguard (Cleave). Throw grenades on summon. Can be feared/stunned. Kill adds after Guardian.

Split raid into a Melee grp + Ranged grp and make sure both groups stack tightly (So a Meteor won't 1 shot someone). Detect Magic them. If shadowbolt -> ranged moves into melee. Thunderclap+Plague-> Melee out. Listen to your RL! Actually be ready to pot if you might die. Grenade the summons, fear them, kill them after Guardian is dead.

  • Mortal Wounds: Stackable debuff. Lowers healing recieved by 10%.
  • Frontal cone attack: Hits for ~1k in a frontal cone attack. Only the tank should be infront of him.
  • Sandtrap: Sand ball grows at your feet and blows up after ~5 seconds. Does 2k dmg + silence + Reduce hit chance (very high). Stare at your fucking feet and run away when you see this thing.
  • Summon: Randomly summons a player in front of him. Go through him fast so you won't be hit by the frontal cone attack.
  • Enrage: At 30% he enrages. Blow CDs.

You need 2 tanks, they switch off at ~5-6 stacks. Tank constantly pulls Kurinaxx backwards in a large circle so that him/melee never get hit by a sand trap. Everyone else should be scattered about to minimize sandtrap AOEing. If you aren't a melee Stare at your fucking feet and run away fast if it spawns under you.

Don't talk to Andarov after the fight! Talking to him starts off Rajaxx's fight.
Reference Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idACansl4-0
Rajaxx Wave Event:

This encounter starts off with waves of adds + minibosses. After 7 Waves, Rajaxx comes in solo. Each wave has a mix of Needlers (Cleave) and Qiraji Warriors (Thunderclap + Knockback(does not clear threat)).

Talking to Andarov starts the encounter and Andarov walks over to the gate with his 4 adds. Mark them, Heal them. He should do a pretty cool raid buff (unknown if this will work). Andarov's men do a ton of DPS.

Tanks must pickup the Miniboss (prio)+Warriors (Pick up all the ones that didn't latch onto Andarov's men) and tank them in corner (Far-Left corner when looking at the gate). All DPS onto the needlers - try to stun them and burn them down.

Mages start at the gate and throw your frost novas when mobs are passing through, so everyone has more time to prepare. AOE/Singletarget Fears when you can always helps. Druid roots. Prevent them from killing your clothies! Someone try to mark all the adds on each wave (Easier for Focusing).

Kill Priority should usually be: Needlers->miniboss/Warriors. I prefer killing warriors last so you have the option for additonal regen before the next wave (Keep 1 alive so people can OOC mana regen).
There is a timer between each wave so you cannot wait too long.

Minibosses-Each wave has a miniboss with a unique ability. Depending on server scripting they should have:
Wave 1- Intimidating shout.
Wave 2- Focus target.
Wave 3- AOE Lightning Cloud.
Wave 4- AOE Knockback.
Wave 5- Cleave.
Wave 6- Sweeping Slam.
Wave 7- Enrage (dispellable).

General Rajaxx:

  • AOE Knockback (Aggro wipe, deals half your current HP). You must stay above 250 HP.
  • Doesn't come with any adds.

Tank keeps Rajaxx in his close corner, 2nd tank in middle of the raid ready to taunt+pull Rajaxx back over. DPS: Slow down after knockbacks. Healers only need to heal non-tanks if they are below 1k HP.
Reference Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDpNuNQ-4fo

  • Drain Mana: Drains Mana from 5 random people with mana every 6 seconds. Only from people with mana. Possibly LOSable.
  • Arcane Explosion: 3k dmg AOE at 100% mana.
  • Stone form: At 90 seconds, turns to stone and summons 3 mana fiends. Stops mana draining and returns after adds are dead or 90 seconds.
  • Mana Fiends: Arcane Explosion for 1k, Counterspell.

The highest Priority on this fight is manadraining moam; this is done with hunter viper stings, priest manaburns, warlock drain manas. Moam doesn't hit too hard so paladins+druids
should be able to easily heal without priests, and warlocks might consider DPSing instead of manadraining. A geared raid should definitely be able to kill him before 90 seconds with warlocks DPSing.

If you get fiends, warlocks can just banish them (An OT can pull the extra add away from the raid) and have everyone else finish off Moam -> Then turn attention to adds.
Reference Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSfjajOZy2w

Not Tauntable.
This fight is an unusual fight. Buru takes 90% reduced damage from players but full damage from his eggs blowing up when in melee range. So you Kite Buru around the room and have him run over eggs as they explode to do most of your damage to him.

  • Focus: He focus targets you and follows only his target. He slowly speeds up until he gets hit by an egg or his target dies. He changes targets when he gets hit by an egg.
  • Spawns Hatchlings: Periodically spawns 3x hatchlings that must be killed fast. They do heavy damage onto clothies so they must be tanked atleast by a melee.
  • Eggs: There are 8 eggs around the room. Have a decent number of HP (~30k). When blown up under Buru they deal damage to him(~8%) and spawn a hatchling. It must be tanked and killed fast. Unknown respawn time.
  • Enrage: At 20% his head gets blown off and starts giving everyone a poison stacking DOT. This DOT adds up damage fast, so you need to save your CDs for it. While enraged he keeps spawning Hatchlings -> Kill these after Buru dies.

Before you start all eggs must be marked for easy calling. Everyone must know how to kite the boss around the room (in a circular pathway along the walls, over the eggs).

At the start of the fight all eggs should be taken down to ~10% HP. The kiter should be running a loop over the eggs for an easy transition into blowing up the eggs as Buru is about to run over them (RL will tell casters to focus fire an egg down). When an egg is blown up Buru picks a new target to follow and that person must be ready to start running!

There must be a tank following Buru to pickup any hatchlings that spawn either periodically or from an egg blowup. Melee should focus these down as casters have an easier time with eggs.

Don't fucking dot the eggs (and watch your ignites goddamn waterbots). You can delay blowing up eggs to kill existing hatchlings.

For the enrage just do hard DPS and ignore the extra hatchlings. You can loadup on dots before the 20% mark to make it go faster (Dooms welcome).
Reference Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so0EcY61Ics

This boss fight is in 2 parts: Flying and a grounded portion. When flying should be immune to melee (we'll see) and lands at 70%.

  • Poisonbolt Volley: Shoots poison bolt(direct damage) to entire raid every 30 seconds. Lowish damage.
  • Poison Stinger: Stackable poison on highest-threat DPS. We should blow through to 70% before these become a problem (otherwise just stop attacking and let someone else get aggro). Should not be cleansable.
  • Summon Swarmers: Summons 20 swarmers (1k HP). These should be ~instantly by your mages. Every 30 seconds.
  • Sacrifice: Puts random person on Altar. 2 Larva (1 from each side of the stairs) runs upto him, if reached -> instakills person + spawns big wasp. Wasp must be killed fast. Stunnable(will update).

Part 1: Position raid between Ayamiss and the Altar. Melee just stay on both sides of Altar and kill Larvas (try to stun/frost nova?). Mages AOE swarmers on spawns. All ranged DPS onto Ayamiss (Blow cds to get to 70% faster).

Part 2: Keep 2 melee on each side of Altar and rest onto Ayamiss. Casters should help out with larva with instants.
Reference Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmdZlyO9DyU

Not Tauntable. Another kiting fight. Fight revolves around kiting Ossirian to the next crystal, keeping him debuffed.

  • Supreme Mode: Starts off in supreme mode and ~1 shots tanks. This can be purged by using a crystal near Ossirian.
  • Enveloping Winds: Stuns you for 8 seconds. Usually the highest threat target. Temp aggro wipe. Not dispellable. (Throws you up in a tornado - Silithus air elemental style)
  • Warstomp: AOE - melee range + knockback. Does huge damage (2k). Random timer (?).
  • Vulnerability: Becomes weak to a school of magic after every crystal. 2x Damage.
  • Curse of Tongues: AOE. Decurse the casters.
  • Crystals: Clicking on these debuffs Ossirian out of supreme mode and gives him a spell vulnerability. This debuff only lasts 45 seconds so tanks must kite from crystal to crystal.

On the initial pull you should pet/mounted tank pull to the crystal located in the middle of the room. No one should be doing any DPS.

We usually have our mounted rogues running around the zone finding crystals and spam pinging nearby ones on the minimap so tank can bring them there.

Once kiting, he will be constantly tornadoing the MT(will regain threat after landing) so you can either have a 2nd tank (everyone needs to stay below on threat) or just have your DPS (mage/lock) who gets aggro start kiting him towards the next crystal. DPS should be careful to not pull threat because they might fuckup the kiting. Melee tend to stay out because of warstomps but you should be able to handle atleast a few melee following him if you have good healers.

Once the tank brings Ossirian to a crystal he needs to keep his back to it (stops the knockback) and ONLY the tank should click on the crystal once he has <10 seconds left on debuffed mode.
If Ossirian gets to supreme mode you can keep normally kiting him, just make sure to trade aggro enough to not be hit. Run towards the next crystal! You're actually able to kite+kill him in supreme mode without crystals but that takes a long time.

Detect magic him, Hold DPS until 2nd crystal, Decurse prio healers, Crystals might have a 5 second activation time, there are things about a damage-dealing tornado but I've never seen it (will update), and his head doen't give a raid buff:(
Reference Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukBEguoRU2A
Feel free to tell me to post here with critiques, additional info, and other possible strategies. Hopefully this helps anyone looking to do AQ20, a better understanding of the instance!
Additonal References:
Credit: Personal experience, Wowwiki, LGW AQ20 raidguide.
Bring it AQ.
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