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[MC] Molten Core Are DPS numbers right in the logs website?

Sep 11, 2018
Hi All.

I recently found out about this server and am super excited to relive my vanilla experience. I was curious on what raiding was like on the server so I browsed the raid logs and was surprised at the DPS numbers. Warriors especially, seem really crazy.

For example, on Ragnaros:
Top 50 warriors range from 770-1450 DPS
Top 50 rogues range from 680-980 DPS
Top 50 mages range from 515-740 DPS

From what I remember, people were doing around 400-600 around MC due to various limitations (threat, gear, etc.)



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Aug 23, 2014
If you seek detailed logs i recommend using twinheads logs as they are directly from the server https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/

Look under Bosskills and look at the guilds, bosses or even individual player there are many tools once you get familiar with it ;)

The top are people from elitist guilds where they farmed specific items with a drop of 0.5-1% like ironfoe or felstriker and similar, they come with all world buffs and consumables they can possibly get their hands on trying to beat records all warriors charging use 1x sunder to get dmg in faster along with other methods to reduce armor and ways to buff grp dps. Some even with high ranking honor gear that they obtained through sitting non-stop playing usually the type of people who don't work or study etc.

They will even use long time cooldowns like recklessness along with engineering pets and explosives and since the fight is short they can get some insane numbers for example the top 50 ragnaros damage values are from kills where ragnaros was often killed in less than 50 seconds.

Reckless lasts 15 seconds and the rage potion granting extra strength lasts 20 seconds but they have many ways to damage, they might even syncronize so everyone starts with a channeled attack like gnomish death ray while the tank makes sure to taunt the heck out of the boss, heck they could even have someone act as bonus buffer with the blackblade, if lucky they get a good uptime of its grp buff granting 30% extra attack speed, that combined with flurry's 30% and if they got empyrian then an extra 20% on top of that... well i am sure you get the picture that a group that has nothing else to use time on but desperation for rankings can certainly do some crazy damage ;) And this is all without considering WF ;)

400-600 is indeed the norm for dps and what you usually see from semi hardcore guilds or maybe even casual ones. but hardcore guilds only live for the meters, hardcore guilds disband when they fall below a certain acceptable performance such as wipe club. Simply put they are playing for the purpose of being at the top and beating numbers regardless of how many extra hours they have to put into it for a few unusual or costly things.

note: you can always see open cases on twinhead as thats the bug tracker as well ;)
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Sep 11, 2018
Thanks. Appreciate the time you took to write such a detailed response.

I didn't realize that fights were < 1 min. I remember MC being a slog.
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