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Aug 26, 2014
Q: I'm banned!!??!! What do I do?
A: Do not create a ticket in game. Log into https://www.twinstar.cz/manager/Bans.aspx using your ingame account and check the ban reason and duration.

Q: I'm banned for failed login attempts?
A: This is an automated ban that happens when you enter the wrong password. It turns itself off after 10 minutes. If you still after 10mins have a problem logging in, go back to the Twinstar website and change your password and try logging in again.

Q: I'm banned for nothing! Or for minor reason.
A: Feel free to contact a GM via IRC (http://www.kronos-wow.com/support/) or our Discord channel (http://www.kronos-wow.com/2016/10/26/discord-announcement/) and explain yourself. Be sure to have the reason for the ban and the name of the GM who issued the ban.

Q: I am banned for a Warden offence?
A: This means your WoW client was modified to hack. Warden DOES NOT ban unmodified WoW clients, so this is a 100% legit ban and cannot be appealed

Q: What are other common reasons for bans?
A: The most popular reasons are:
  • Cheating/hacking/botting. Make sure you don't use any game-affecting software and/or client modification. If you do - you may be banned permanently.
  • Multiboxing (with use of a third party software or alt+ tabbing).
  • Exploiting. Check http://forum.twinstar.cz/showthread.php/94122-List-of-rules-for-Kronos for a full list of bannable exploits; most of them just won't work, but if you abuse something - be ready to face the consequences.
  • RMT. Either buying or selling gold.

NOTE: Not knowing the rules IS NOT an argument. The rules are easily accessible to all, and all player are expected to have read the rules before playing on the server.
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