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Baeline GM is ruining the game for players


New Member
Aug 20, 2014
My wife and I have been playing on Kronos III for several months. We live in the same household, share the same internet, and play next to each other most of the time. For some reason, this Baeline GM has a 'hard on' for us when we try to play. He keeps summoning us to his 'GM lair' and accusing of us of boxing when we are not. I am not sure if he is simply fixated on us or if other couples or family gamers are experiencing this same type of unnecessary scrutiny and abuse? Or, are we simply lucky that this weird guy wants to exert his pixel power over us repeatedly? Meanwhile, in Hearth's Glen, there is a constant box group powerleveling low level toons and the GMs do NOTHING about them. On top of that, you got AFKers and Speed Hackers in BGs that are dramatically altering the course of the game and nothing is done.

With Classic coming out in 3 or 4 months, I just don't understand the Nazi behavior from this guy and why is doing his best to ruin our fun and probably the fun of other players. You can cite 'rules' all day, but it is clear that the GMs are selective on applying these rules. It makes no sense to us.


May 3, 2015
I think in this case the GM just gets a message in chat saying the same iP is logged in, and can then summon that IP's chars to check them out to GM island.

Obviously he/she, if it happened like 5+ times now, should remember you by now though.

About Heartglen though, you will see low levels stand there to get XP, but they are always other people's alts while 1 guildy of them boosts them while farming. Any multiboxer there has long since banned or gets banned within a day since it's being checked often, nothing wrong there.
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