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Bag giveaways (lvl 5 to 20) this Sunday, 5PM GMT+1

Feb 17, 2016
Hello fellow Kronos players:)

My name is Malakh (on server) and I hereby invite you to participate in my event:

I am going to have a bag giveaway this Sunday, 5PM GMT+1 at Ironforge Bridge (Which is between Auction house and Bank)

I will be giving away Woolen bags & and some other types. This is mainly for the starters, who do not have that much bags space and would like to have some more.

Big thank you to my fellow guildmembers on Irae, who has been contributing with both cloth and bags!


- You have to be between lvl 1 & 20.
- Four bags each
- Wait in line for your turn
- Please step away from line when you have gotten your bags
- I will be there as long as I have bags left

Have a good one!:)
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