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Banned for boredom?


Mar 19, 2015
Hello, I've been long away from kronos for bout couple of years (when i quit the kronos servers kronos 2 were newly founded.) I just wanted to see what i got on my account after a long time but apperently game says my account is closed.

When i checked out in twinstar.cz theres nothing wrong with my account and theres no ban or issue on it and its ready to play status. But the game itself says i cannot use the account due its deleted.

it says : "world of warcraft account is closed and no longer available for use"

how come it is possible while i could use the same account on site-forum and even see my characters and game does not allow me to enter.

Remember theres no wrong password etc. it says the account is closed. weird stuff how do i solve it?
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