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Banned for no reason


New Member
Jan 30, 2019
I was testing a script and noticed my character was teleporting around and then next thing I knew I was forcibly logged out with the message my account was deleted while testing a timer script from this URL.
i wanted to make a timer to track time and read out that time. there shouldnt be anything that made my character teleport!

how can i appeal this ban? I wasn't even given a reason why.


New Member
Aug 23, 2014
You would need to contact the GM who issued the ban towards you and prove you are innocent either verbally or prefferably with a source like for example link to a stream you had running at the moment you got issued the ban.

Keep in mind not to be impolite or rude as that is an easy mistake to commit once in the situation you are currently in. Be calm & constructive and keep in mind game masters earn nothing and work for kronos as free volunteers so rushing them or threatening will only harm your case as they will just mention it to their co-gm buddies and then ur in trouble ;)

Either way if you are innocent i hope you get unbanned however if you are guilty, not saying you are but all who are guilty will try to appear innocent to get away with stuff when caught in that case i hope that justice was served.

Login to your account on twinhead, look under ban, there will be a cause/reason along with who issued the ban and listing of when ban expires unless its a perma ofc.
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