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Battlegrounds for all.


Sep 12, 2016

I had been performing a search during last several days about online players of different level ranges and noticed that, generally, there are more than enough players to start battlegrounds in each of the level range. However, I have never seen a battleground between levels 20 and 50, and there are fewer of them for levels 10 to 19 comparing to when I had joined the server.

I offer to unite players to fix this issue. For the last few days I had been trying to encourage people to go to battlegrounds, no matter what their levels were. I even got positive responses about my attempts. However, what needs to be done in order to actually start a battleground is to collect enough willing people from each of the factions.

I request that all volunteers who share my point of view take action and stand in battleground queues whenever you visit a capital city, no matter what your level is. I also ask you to encourage others to join the queues as well.

I periodically use 'LookingForGroup' channel to call to battlegrounds all those who are interested. However, I am not always online, and I can only do it on the Alliance side. So I request that whoever wants to have battlegrounds on the server do the following things:
- Join battleground queues, as many as you can or wish, whenever you visit a capital city.
- Call your friends to join battleground queues as well.
- Use public channels to notify other people that you are looking for more volunteers to join the battles at critical areas.

For those people who strongly agree with me I would also like to ask for a reply to this post, so that I know that you are willing to participate in gathering fighting and support units together for battlegrounds. I also would like you to post the faction you are in, so that people will know that both factions will attempt to do so.

Thank you very much.
Good idea if advertised. I suggest you to talk with the leaders of leveling guilds on both sides - if they share the attitude, they may agree to put it to their GMoTD.

Sincerely yours, Mr. "WTB .bg command for lowlvls since 2014".
Weekend is drawing near, and that means that there will be more people who can come online and read this message, as well as more people of all levels in game.

This message is mostly for the Horde representatives, since I myself will gladly organise the Alliance side. What I request is that anybody simply take the responsibility in organising the Horde to fight in battlegrounds at all levels, as described in my previous message.

If there is at least one battleground between levels 20 and 50, it could be enough for players to realise that battlegrounds can be started! That, in turn, will lead to more battlegrounds.

I also sincerelly hope to get a reply from the Horde representatives who are willing to take on this task.
Horde here, I try to queue BGs as often as possible. Anything 29+ is literally dead ATM up to 60.
Horde here, I try to queue BGs as often as possible.
That is great to hear, I do so, too, whenever I'm passing anywhere near battleground master.

What will be better if you (or better several people) take responsibility to convince others to join the queues. Some people will not want to join (those who prefer PvE, for example), but there will be people whose only reason of ignoring the queue is that they don't believe it might start.

I personally use LookingForGroup channel for that purpose, as well as spatial or party channels whenever I encounter people who are not strictly against PvP. I also try to convince others to spread the word among their friends and guildmates. If you do the same, I will be thankful.

Also, do ignore world events related to any battleground. Join them all, or at least all those you personally enjoy!

There are more than enough people in any level range to start a battle. As soon as at least one battle between levels 20 and 50 starts, I am sure it will be easier day by day.
Alpha on the Ali side have around 50+ ppl between these ranges on online at any one time.. I'll see if these guys woud be interested..
Naawani here, on Ally side. Nice initiave man. I am actually trying to start a full out pvp initiave on the server, of which bging is a big part. What i think would really work is a dedicated cross-guild pvp group focused on doing socially fun, yet competitive and dedicated pvp. I have a name, a discord channel and many ideas set for it. I`m currently recruiting ppl on ally side and trying to talk horde into making a similiar group on their own side. More information is here: https://forum.twinstar.cz/showthread.php/117353-Quest-and-PvP-Events
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