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    TwinStar team


Good players of most classes, small sample size, some left blank because noone hasnt really impressed me enough/havent played with or seen them play enough.

Mage: ayz, skylover, coldmaker
Druid: burn, cowloverx, h2k
Rogue: sushibarf, armageddon, angelababy
Priest: ilureev
Hunter: maybel, mugshot
Warlock: edhris, temujin

Too many honorable mentions to mention

Warrior: Crypton aka Swifty, Snuset and Relada.
Priest: Sachiwhore
Hunter: Sarei.
Rogue: Dazzling.
Mage. Shatter.
Paladin: Strombald.
Warlock: Edhris (When he plays it) and Vancocin I guess.
Druid: none.


Warrior: Smooglab, everyone else is trash.
Priest: Hershal.
Hunter: Abmi by default.
Rogue: Jacknife.
Mage, All pom pyro mages. period.
Shaman, Fei.
Warlock: Lharts.
Druid: Draakmis, Turboen and Markeus.
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Warrior: Vicia, Nedstark, Relada
Priest: Lelayne
Hunter: Krokben
Rogue: Acely
Paladin: Dunderjohan
Mage: Eywin
Warlock: Vancocin
Druid: Felli, Carebearzz, Untamed


who cares their all bad))

ppl that are annoying to play against:

All the autistic mages
Bifftannen with world buffs
Their best prem8 fc's
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Shoutout for the best active rogue: Acely
And for the most interesting hunter play-style (that still somehow works /shrug): Ednaryt
Warrior: Swagkhalifa
Mage: Ayz, Dms
Hunter: Abmi
Shaman: Delthar
Druid: Several good ones

Warrior: Quite a few skilled ones that I haven't played much with. I've been lucky enough to have ranked with Snuset and Vicia though :smile:
Priest: Boltzmann
Mage: Eywin
Rogue: Acely by a large margin
Hunter: Ednaryt, Sarei
Paladin: Sulfura maybe? haven't played with many
Druid: Carebearzz, Untamed and Felli

huntr: sareiis
prist: esjey
megj: xr
waari: thicc
sham: cryptona
druid: elgay (may god rest his soul)
rogu: pacov
warlock: drakedog (its real 1)
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Warrior: Tfwnowf (even if the others are way better geared)
Priest: Ilureev
Hunter: Sarei
Rogue: Acely
Paladin: Sulfura
Mage: iolqt (many good mages tho)
Warlock: Edhris
Druid: all inactive


Warrior: Swagkhalifa
Priest: Crucial
Hunter: Abmi,Khrey
Rogue: Armageddon
Shaman: ?
Mage: Dms
Warlock: ?
Druid: inactive (Burn,Hardtokill)
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This guy.
Jk, the gnome warrior with [Ornate Mithril Boots]+[Spider Belt]

Forgot the name, but that dude that constantly popped [Greater Stoneshield Potion] and [Zandalarian Hero Badge] in shadowform and ironweave set for 12k armor, then staff and melee you :)


Whoever can match my trap spam speed


I'd let this rogue ambush me anytime.


that ^ guy if he knew how to play, lol


The one who bubble hearths there ^


^ This guy ofc

That guy that double-reflected his death coil back to me.

My pet

Use [Sheen of Zanza] for cryin'out loud, I've reflected more 3k chain lightning crits than i care to count.
(^Altho that dud with greater nature prot was fun)

Warrior- swagkhalifa
Mage- dms
rogue- I've been informed jacknife is a god
Hunter- abmi i guess, orc hunters ;s
Priest- dedboi is annoying af
Druid-draak or runaway maybe
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Warrior: Meets,Callow
Mage: Ayz, Icene
Hunter: Abmi, Entrap
Shaman: Delthar, Pipfugl
Druid: eljay
Warlock: Cilva, Lizha, Ivxnl
Priest: Fried, Lethi

Warrior: Nedstark
Priest: Boltzmann, Sachi
Mage: Eywin
Rogue: Acely
Hunter: Sarei, Timecop
Paladin: Function
Druid: Untamed, Capture
Warlock: Edhris
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I;m more about who plays best in pug v pug because prem is a different ball game and one i don't experience too much.


Hunter: Krimal (awareness, CC, repicks)

Rogue: Ivxnl (beast) or Pacov (extremely intelligent gameplay)

Warrior: Swag (by far best pug always trying hard)

Shaman: Partytoilet (support, objective, totems, positioning. Guy knows)

Warlock: Zibro (sleeper who prob no one has heard of but the guy knows what's going on: CoT, soulstones, fears, nades, etc.)

Mage: Meechy (popping consumes when absolutely necessary,going for wins even with shit teams, polys over frostbolts, detect magic spam)

Druid: Wsgstar (elevated play)

Priest: Yezriel or Contagious (clutch MCs, timed fearbombs, dank flag carries, good scouting, etc.)


Hunter: Ednaryt/Demonhunter/Iacopo (One of the best. Stellar and original gameplay on the regular) Sarei (great instincts and amazing meta)

Rogue: Acely (amazing all around play: fcing, defence, offence, support, etc. Great consume use/trinket use. God-like reflexes) Heartstabber (Great consume use, really good scouting and team direction, fantastic desire to win and try harding, team player)

Warrior: Ochs (great support, positioning, timing, macros (weapon switch/armourswitch), going for obejctives) Enthrall (all around beast, great awareness), Vymi (really good instincts, always playing to win, team player), night elf fem war from <not like this> can't remember your name (really nice use of shadowmeld, intellegent use of cooldowns, playing to win, good weapon swaps), lots of nice ally wars. Honourable mentions: Tfwnowf (amazing repicks and great macros (sword and board to shieldwall), Arb (sick positioning and objective, great shadowmelds and amazing reflexes)

Pally: Functiion (always trying hard and going for objectives, great support), Arinoa (beastly ret pala, will make you suffer for misplays), Icairus (all around best pally: engi use, objective, support, damage, fake casts, etc.)

Warlock: Edhris (great positioning, instincts, spell use (CoT, Hellfire, trash buffs, shadow ward, etc.), engi use, support), Cooplock (beastly damage), Vancocin (all around best warlock, can do anything with expertise), Djfresh (big respect for the tryharding: always on objective trying to win games)

Mage: Alwaysrussia (number 1 support mage in game, unreal instincts, very conservative (positive) gameplay), Snille (great all around gameplay ( carry, support, kill efc, peel, CC, etc.), Tank (great burst and defence, always on objective), Danielle (fantastic FCing, one of the best) Cvika (underrated but will absolutely make you pay for any mispplay), Kupcha (always trying hard, going for objective)

Druid: Scratch (always trying hard and helping out), Zomgabomga (always going ftw), Bioniclass (showing how other specs can be more than just novelties)

Priest: Grundlesnax (fucking carrying games: dispels, engi, positioning, objective. Guy is on point)
warrior: boltzmann's used thong
rogue: boltzmann's left nut
warlock: boltzmann's ex-wife
mage: boltzmann's dad
shaman: boltzmann's sister
hunter: boltzmann's bastard child
priest: boltzmann
paladin: "has there ever been a more useless class" - boltzmann, 2017
druid: boltzmann's alt

official list:

warrior: many ok warriors but haven't seen the class played up to its potential
rogue: perplexity (rip), skyflower (rip), acely
warlock: no good warlocks
mage: skylover
shaman: no good shamans
hunter: sarei
priest: ilureev
paladin: sulfura, oid
druid: no good druids
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gentle, are these guys playing burgertimes? cause except heartstabber I'ver never/hardly ever met any of your nominations.

pacov is good considering his gear is shite. heartstabber should do alot better in comparison. can't agree here.
all mage and druid mentions are also just average joes at best.

considering its about actual PvP and not duels and shit I can agree to your list iol, except for perp.
warrior is pretty tough choice idd. nothing astonishing. most just rely on their gear and it shows.
shamans and plain retards 99%. no totem swap, no purge timing, no nothing. basic plays and most of the times not even that.
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