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Shaman Best shaman leveling spec?


New Member
Apr 6, 2018
Hey! I was just wondering what the best spec for Shaman leveling is? I quite like playing with a 1h+shield, but am willing to play with 2h is it's way more efficient. Was thinking of a kind of enhancement/elemental hybrid spec? I'm going to heal dungeons, but I assume that healing is off-spec is fine (only leveled paladins, priests and druids before, and they could all heal fine even if not specced into it). Was thinking of going something like this https://classicdb.ch/?talent#hE0uhc0oZeVb0VMhx If I were to use 2h weapons I'd obviously put a point into Two-hand Axes and Maces.


Feb 2, 2016
im not quite sure but as of now im working my way towards something like this:

depending how it feels dmg/manawise i will decide while leveling if i really go with 5/5 weapon mastery or put it into ancestral knowledge instead.
i think elemental devastation has more value than eye of the storm for me since i only use lighting bolt to pull mobs.

i like putting points into earths grasp for aggroing mobs with stoneclaw and looting questitems and having it easier to solo kite elite mobs/rares with the improved earthbind totem

since i dont own an axe right know i keep a spare point just in case i find a good axe, depending on the questmobs i then intend to switch between dagger/shield and 2h axe, whatever feels faster from case to case

healing shouldnt be a problem at all


New Member
Apr 16, 2018
I"ve found this to be amazing, can take on 3-4 mobs your level and even kill red mobs no problem, i use a dagger with shield, if it's a high level mob frostbrand seems to down them faster than anything else, otherwise flametongue or wf, i have no downtime, never drink, just kill a few mobs, heal and once and continue on, after this i'd go into elemental tree picking up the damage only talents, just remember if you'r fighting multiple mobs use magma totem stoneskin and healing stream, make sure to tab around hitting all mobs so they dont' aggro your totems
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