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[BGs - world PvP] Where's the PvP at? :D


New Member
Aug 4, 2017
Yo guys! I have already made a reddit post about this recently:
But felt like sending it here to :D where's the PvP at? :D

Yesterday I (lvl 44) spend 2h riding across Arathi Higlands and met 2 Allaince players - 1x 31 lvl and 1x 60 lvl - so one was grey, one was skull = no honor from this.

Then spend 3.5h in STV looking for Alliance. Found about 2-3 grey levels again. And that was it. Only in STV Hunter camp some more low lvls showed up fishing (lvl 5 and 22) and then a lvl 60 come to corpse camp - then lvl 60 horde showed up ... and then only 60s fighted each other.

This doesn't make much sense to me though since there seems to be at least 1000 people on lvl 1-59 playing right now each day ... where are you all hiding? :D

And why do we don't use .join ab and .join wsg? I mean can Kronos staff make it any more easier for low-lvl PvP BGs? :D

Why is PvP scene so dead? It almost makes you think about paying that Blizzard for Classic, just to experience low lvl PvP even though you don't want to do that because you like this server much more (no censorship, characters that you invested time into, free / donations structure rather then fixed fee and just generally a preference of private servers over official)
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