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Bug reporters heaven, classic =/= vanilla


Oct 5, 2011
Hi ,
as we know , no matter what p. servers you played in past, reporting bug or how some item / abbility should work sometimes starter endlles discusion. Until developers came and said show prove how it was back in 200x. Lot of ppl when reported said i was the back in 200x or my friend told me he had sword of thousand truths and it was affected by spell power ...
I dont wan´t write here big wall of text , i think you know how im heading

To make it short does current WoW classic can be used as evidence how should vannila be blizzlike ?

I have more thoughts and rhetorical questions but we will see if there will be some sensible discusion, maybe even how staff feels about it


New Member
Oct 6, 2015
Classic isn't even 1.12.1. It's an emulated version of vanilla with a bunch of made-up values, just like a private server. Blizzard lost the real vanilla code over a decade ago, which is part of the reason they claimed for a long time that they would never make vanilla servers.

So no. It isn't real. And it also seems to be full of quite a few bugs, some of which were dealt with long ago on private servers: https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/cy7kq6
It makes me laugh that just like most devs, they had a lot of trouble with the pets. I doubt they will be fixing that issue any time soon...
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