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Bugged quest: The Blackwood Corrupted


New Member
Apr 9, 2019
hiya, not sure if you can fix this, but
i killed this NPC for quite a few times… but it doesnt drop anything at all.

Fill the Empty Cleansing Bowl at the Auberdine Moonwell.

Gather a sample of fruit, nut, and grain from the northern Blackwood furbolg camps.

Mix the bowl and place it near the bonfire closest to the Cliffspring River at the northern camp, thus summoning the satyr corruptor.

Take the Talisman of Corruption and bring it to Thundris Windweaver in Auberdine.
Talisman of Corruption

Provided Item:

Empty Cleansing Bowl

The satyr i summoned and killed doesnt drop anything at all..
anyone who has problems aswell? :s or are my eyes that bad? xD
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