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[BWL] Blackwing Lair BWL [NA] - Toxic Hosted Run - Sept 15th, 2016


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Apr 30, 2016
Hey Kronos II! Pronator, Guild Master of Toxic here.

This post is in regards to the BWL we are hosting Thursday, Sept 15th, 2016.
BWL Signup Doc:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...soFdA/viewform

As I am sure most of you have noticed (North American times at least), the server population hasn't been as high as normal (Legion release, Gov't guild quitting again, and the new private server release). We have been affected as I am sure most of the NA guilds. With that said, we have lost a good handful of players to the above. We have currently been raiding with between 29 and 35 players, and as I am sure you can guess, certain bosses in BWL, no matter how good a group might be, are very dependent on numbers (aka Razorgore and the cc that is needed).

Anyhow, with that said we are looking for a different avenue to recruit and get our player base up. We also are potentially looking for a guild or a group of friends to absorb and trim out people that clearly don't want to raid/commit. Please feel free to reach out to Pronator, Bbqbrisket, Michaelfox, Verti, Gso, or Malarr in game if you have any questions!

Recruitment Post:https://forum.twinstar.cz/showthread.php/109577-H-NA-Kronos-II-lt-Toxic-gt

BWL Signup Doc:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...soFdA/viewform

Why Toxic?: We are unlike any other guild. We take time to try to mold our entire team as a cohesive unit. We have done many super fun RP Events including Halloween in the Crypts of Karazhan,Christmas & New Year’s parties. We have celebrated unique birthdays as a guild and many otherstrange but incredible events. We are all in when we set our minds to something. Our player base in our 40 man bolstered an unprecedented 25+ of our team having a 90%+ lifetime attendance to raids (100+ raids). Don’t ask Why, ask Why not!!!

Apply to the team today! http://toxic-guild.enjin.com/apply

Toxic Hosted BWL - Sept 15, 2016

Raid Date/Time: September 15th, 2016 @ 10 PM Eastern Standard Time (7 PM PST, 4 AM Server Time on 16th)

We are hosting a BWL guild run with select Pugs. Items that Pugs want will be rolled for, and if the Pug wins the roll over someone from the guild that also wants the item, they win (guildies who have the loot or don't want the loot are not eligible to roll against Pugs). Pugs will earn DKP and if they decide to join the guild will be able to used the accumulated dkp in future raids

Reservations: Drake Fang Talisman, Neltharion's Tear, Chromatically Tempered Sword, Elementium Ore

Loot Rules: MS>OS -- Rolls by priority system, if Pug wins roll, they win loot, else goes to guild DKP bidding system.

Requirements: Come prepared with consumables for your respective class!

BWL Signup Doc:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...soFdA/viewform

Pronator -- GM of <Toxic>
Protection Warrior -- Alchemy/Engineering
Toxic || Naxx Bosses || Roster || <Toxic> Recruitment Post || Raid Stats
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