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Can't get addons to work


New Member
Mar 6, 2018
Most of the addons I try using, downloaded from the addon library in the sticky thread. Wow recognizes the addons, but when i try using them in game, i get a error pop-up, as well as when i first log in the game. All the errors refer to .lua files inside the addon folders about having a nil value. I have searched everywhere but cant find a solution, and would appreciate some help.


Feb 11, 2016
Get an addon like Improved Error Frames to hide the errors as most of the time the errors don't mean much.


New Member
Aug 23, 2014
if you get an error it can be due to addons bugging with eachother for example if you took carnival & nature enemy castbar they would bug since carnival is the ancient relative of nature enemy castbar and thus they would both try to do the same in a very similar way thus obstructing eachother.

It could also be the version that is stored within its register file that says its too old or new, for example an addon from patch 1.5.0 would not work in 1.12.1 however if you change the listed version it might, same as an addon from 2.0.1 but the older or newer an addon gets the higher the chances are that it is writting differently as the language changed and blizzard opened or changed API's.

If the addons themselves work then you can take the improved error frame addon, in the sticky library there should be an inverted version of it which hides any & all errors aside from those related to when an addon fails to read from library etc.
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