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Engineering change from goblin to gnome engineering?

Got the same problem here. Here is my coldstory.
- Leveled an engineering up to 240+, decided that horde needs to be goblin engineer, not gnome.
- Searched the forum for answer, how should i repick it. Decided to do not bother any GM and just delete the profession and level it again from the beginning.
- Deleted, leveled second time up to 215+. But when my skill level became 200+ i have automaticaly received Gnome engineer skill and my skill cap became 300.
- Have created a ticket. The nice GM guy have answered less then in a couple hours. He asked me about the gnome engeneer quests names. Than he said that everything should be fine now and i can pick a goblin one.
- After this i have visited all the questgivers, but no one gave to me any goblin quest or prequest to it.
- Decided that maybe thats because i have already leveled it past 200 and got the Gnome one in my spell book. So i deleted engineering again and leveled it third time, but when i leveled it past 200 the same thing have happened. I got skill cap up to 300 and gnome skill automaticaly.

So the question is, sould it be like this or am i do something wrong?
If this how it's works, i'm fine with it, but some guys are saying that i should be able to repick the specialization by dismissing the profession completely.

I have tired to level engineering, don't really want to do it fourth time.

Any advice will be apriciated.
Thank you alot for your answers and sorry for my english, it's far not my native language.
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9 or 10 days have passed since i created ingame ticket. :(
And i still can't level my engineering because i will have to delete it.
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I'm in the same situation as you, waiting for a GM willing to help me but no GM answered to my ticket for days
Might I ask you guys for the reason you're dropping your specialisation? You can use all crafts with both equally. So, what is the reason?
I want to switch from goblin to gnomish for Gnomish Battle chicken and gadgetzan teleporter
Might I ask you guys for the reason you're dropping your specialisation? You can use all crafts with both equally. So, what is the reason?
Well, you can't. That's an unswer, i guess :) And goblins are so harismatic, you know... )
I got an ingame mail that says something like: "Go to the bug report and wait for the fix" :(
I'm not angry or something, this guys doing great job anyway, just sad a little.
The issue is that a head GM needs to unlearn the skill from you, then give you the quest. Something which regular gamemasters are unable to do.
So what do you recomend us to do? Continue to bother them?
I still can't craft bullets. As a hunter it's preti depressing. But seems like they don't switch professions anymore.
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