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Character - Trading


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Sep 13, 2018
Heyo, since a GM told me advertising selling / buying trading characters for stars is forbidden in-game and there's a discord channel for that EVEN THO rulebook of Kronos doesn't mention it, i'v been wondering if that "rule" could change. Anyone who have spend some time on character-trading discord channel can vouch for this - channel is dead AF, no1 visits it and people don't even know it exists. Auction House on Twinstar site is even worse! Since Kronos is a part of Twinstar and character trading for stars is a big part of it, i really don't see why advertising in game would be so bad. Now, i'm not saying we should advertise on world chat, but maybe /2 trade chat or even /s /y wouldn't be so bad, maybe create a separate channel in-game just for that. Awareness is a big problem of character trading, i did advertise a bit on world-chat before i found out i shouldn't do that, and let me tell ya whenever i posted about wanting to buy a char, up to 5 people would whisper me "how is that possible, what are stars, how does one do that?". I really get a feeling that Kronos management isn't too happy about this option even tho Twinstar encourages it. So can we please advertise in-game? That would be really really awesome.
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