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Chronicles of The-Dwarf-Spy

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Sep 12, 2017
Hello, I currently main a Dwarf Paladin Named Ghillad on Kronos 1, and sometimes I like to let that character acrew a little rested XP, so I often hop on an alt named: Thedwarfspy who is on Kronos 3. The idea for this alt came when I was fooling around with some lowbies and we went and did Ragefire Chasm as Alliance in Orgrimmar. Ratchet is fairly easy to get to and even has some faction neutral quests to do there. So I thought, what if I took a character from an alliance leveling zone and leveled them completely in enemy territory? So that's what I've done.

I don't know of anywhere else better to put a post like this, if there is another place to put it, let me know and I'll move it there post-haste.

At the time I'm writing this the character is level 6 and has been a ton of fun to play. My intention with this thread is to post sort of journal entries in and out of character of my adventures and mishaps along the way. The top section of the post will be the cliff-notes out of character part, and then sometimes I'll probably post an in-character part too if I feel like it.

Without further ado, the Chronicles of The-Dwarf-Spy:
So I started out in Dun-Morogh of course. Immediately I set up my action bars, turned on treasure hunting(which will be important later on) and headed out to Ironforge. My plan was to take the tram to Stormwind, then travel into STV, then take the boat to Ratchet and sneak into Durotar. On the way to Karanos I grabbed the Innkeeper quest right before the tunnel for a bit of extra xp along the way. I also figured it would be good to pick up all the water/food crates I could for some extra cash to be put to my level 2 skills and maybe a profession or two.

Not much happened from when I got to Ironforge and then Stormwind, except that in Stormwind I went crazy and collected a ton of milk. Seriously, I spent like 10 minutes of real time just running around and rumaging for milk. With this money in hand and some extra xp from exploring and that one quest I did, I got my stealth ability and skinning. Here is where I've made the biggest mistake of this challenge, I bought a skinning knife and saw it had better DPS then the simple dagger you start with, so I sold the old dagger and equipped the skinning knife, which I only was able to afford because of all the milk I collected and sold from seeing it on my minimap (the treasure hunt ability). For those who aren't cringing at my stupidity, it's probably because - like me - you don't know that the skinning knife doesn't count as a dagger, or even a melee weapon and therefore can't be used for any of your abilities.

Continuing on, still oblivious to my monumental mistake I stopped by in Sentinel Hill for the flight path there, and Darkshire. At each stop I've been making I've set my hearthstone to that location, just as a precaution so I have a link to my latest FP unlock. Another mistake I make is forgetting to grab the flight path in Darkshire, but I figure I'll just keep my hearth there and teleport back later when I need cash (there's a barrel of Mellon juice in a barn that's worth a lot to a lvl 2) or skills. Death running through STV, and trying my best to stealth around lvl 40 mobs, I finally make it to Booty Bay, and therefore Ratchet.

One big boon I discover in Booty Bay, is the rogue trainer there. To me this is perfect, I'll never have to go back to Stormwind, Ironforge, or Darnassus (unless I want to do class quests). The objective is to feel completely cut off from the main portion of the Alliance, and this just fits the bill so well! Well into Ratchet I go, and from there it's not hard to find a crack in the way of the Valley of Trials that I can hop through from the Barrens. I made it! Now I approch my first mob kill of the challenge, a scorpid. I throw a hatchet and then press down on Sinister Strike, except that doesn't work? Confused I hover over it and discover my great mishap! I'm very dissapointed at this point, but then I think, "Well this just adds to the challenge!"

Now determined, I revise my whole concept of what I need to do. 1) Keep farming for money so I can afford my skills and weapon upgrades. 2) Find a dagger ASAP, hopefully from a loot drop, although a vendor (in the territory I'm at) would do as well. At this point I use another crack in the wall to get back to Ratchet and try to see if a vendor there has a dagger I can use. No such luck, lowest one is for lvl 11 or 14. Well, I could grind to that point, but maybe I don't want to go hardcore after all, better pick up that flight path in Darkshire now. So I hearth back dejectedly and pick up that path. I check around there for a weapon vendor in my lvl range and don't see one. Then I look at flight prices to Stormwind and Booty Bay. I realize that in my poor state I won't really be able to afford one flight, let alone both. And the flight to Stormwind would pretty much put me back at the beginning of my journey, and where's the fun in that?

Re-invigorated I decide that I won't be going back there for a dagger. I recommit to doing it the hardcore way. Unfortunately I still don't have enough for a flight to Booty Bay so I have to scrounge around for some more food and drink to sell. I find a little bit, but not enough so I end up travelling to Redridge where there are small game I can skin for travellling money. Eventually I have enough to get back where I need to go. At this point of the story things start to cool down from an outsiders perspective. I'm mostly farming money from the weapon crate at the bottom of the waterfall next to Ratchet and the Scorpids in Valley of Trials. I'm staying away from NPC's quite a bit and not really running into that many players. I do get some decent gear drops off of the mobs, but no dagger yet.

Once I'm about level 5-6 I start travelling to the Coast in Durotar, over by the troll village, and kills some lvl 5/6 Pymy Surf mobs. I've looked them up and see they have a dagger I can use in their loot table. Killing mobs at my level though is tough since I only have limited throw ammo, and my auto attack. I die a few times (well maybe more than a few), but some of that is from PvP. There are quite a few lowby players running around flagged here, low enough I can kill them when they're distracted by other mobs. This also draws the attention of some higher level characters, and I'm not always successful with the lowby characters either. I start dying so much though that I finally look up the loot table for the easier (and less player populated) scorpids to see if they have the dagger in their loot table, which they do.

So that's where I'm at right now, farming the Scorpids above the spawning zone for orcs and trolls. I kill Sarkoth mainly to annoy the questers there, and now I'm just waiting to either get the item, or outlevel the zone and have to move elsewhere. The drop-rate seems low enough that It's conceivable that I might not get any dagger from the mobs up until like lvl 11 when I think I'll be able to get one from a vendor. I'm also pickpocketing as many mobs as I can too in hopes I'll find one that way.

In conclusion: Took a lvl 1/2 to Durotar, traded my dagger for a stupid skinning knife, got stuck in Darkshire for like 30 minutes, and then spent the rest of my time farming and PvP-ing in Durotar. Leave a comment down below if you ever see or remember seeing me around! Bonus points if you PvP-ed with me.
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