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Classic pending Questions/Concerns


New Member
Jun 20, 2019
So realistically should we expect Kronos 3 to become a deadzone after classic releases?
Personally I am optimistic.
My prediction is that initially yes.
Hundreds of players will leave not just kronos but all the vanilla private servers in favor of classic but upon completion anyone not interested in retail is unlikely to continue playing classic for $15/month. So I think after a while many players will return. Maybe even people from retail who had never previously played vanilla that become fans because of classic being part of their retail sub.
I am also assuming that having access to official Blizzard stats again will only help to hone and improve classic servers.
Secondly. This is a separate topic but I have looked around for information pertaining to K1-K3 merge and haven't seen anything official. People discuss it in world chat on k3 almost daily but it's mostly rumors. Is this going to happen? Or should I just keep my k1 60 on auction and continue leveling a new main on k3?


New Member
Aug 27, 2015
K1 will merge with K3, then the merged realm will move to KTBC (with the option to continue playing on the merged vanilla server if one so desires). No dates set for anything yet, so just wait and read a book or hit the gym in the meantime.


Aug 26, 2014
K1 and K3 will be merged during autumn, it's on the front page, https://www.kronos-wow.com/2019/05/20/kelthuzad-is-back/

KTBC, on the other hand, may happen at any time between winter and the heat death of the universe.

If I were Kronos, I'd launch K4 before KTBC. Indeed, there will be some people not willing to pay. Additionally, with Classic out, one can experiment with non-Blizzlike features. From PvP-promoting things like badges to retuning raids - there're so many ways to make Vanilla+... But I don't think Kronos is going to take this route.
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