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Other Complete List of raids and their tactics with YouTube videos


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Jan 9, 2017
Hay guys, we enjoy playing world of warcraft especially vanilla, that's why we made a website where you can view all the world of warcraft raids, search for bosses and watch their tactics. Currently the website is still under development, but the vanilla wow raids and bosses are already completed. Without further ado, here is the website link wowtc.byethost18.com.

The website contains all of the vanilla raids and their bosses, it show's info on every boss and gives links to sites where you can read the particular boss tactics, watch YouTube video of the boss encounter, look up boss drops, boss stats, etc. The website is and it will be without adds and any other sponsored content.

The website is still in its beginning phase and its under development, we would appreciate any feedback on how to improve the site content and design. We are currently using free web hosting which is limiting the website in 1000 view's a day, so if you have a trouble accessing the website it means its limit was used, and it will be available the next day (this will be fixed when we get premium hosting in the next coming weeks).


Version 1.1 (Released on 1.15.2017)
Version 1.1 (Released on 1.15.2017)
- Improved page navigation, now you can select each raid individually depending on the expansion (This will make the site load faster and use less bandwidth).
- WOLTK WOW raids and their tactics are released.
- Fixed some images in the Vanilla WOW Naxxramas raid, they were showing a wrong instance map.
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The links lead to the original wow vanilla raids.The stats, abilities, hp and tactics explanation of the bosses are same as they ware in vanila.
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