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Conditional character transfers

Oct 6, 2015
I started playing on K1 several years ago, just before the x7 experience event started, and before the server became depopulated I leveled quite a few characters there. All of those characters are now languishing. I have a 60 rogue on K3 now, but I would very much like to play my K1 characters there as well. More specifically, I would like to play them on K3 because none of them have run Naxxramas or even been keyed for it, and some of them are not even level 60.

My suggestion is that we begin to allow conditional transfers from K1 to K3 of characters who are either not level 60 or have not been keyed for Naxx. I don't see any reason to not do this. I would like to have the opportunity to play these characters that I invested so much time into now, while K3 is still active, rather than after Naxx is on farm for most guilds and the population steeply declines. Especially considering the imminent release of Blizzard's own servers, I think it would be nice to allow those of us who put a lot of time into characters on K1 to play them again on an active server, as long as they have not acquired their Naxx keys. I do not think there is any remnant of the "race to 60" mentality on K3 at this point, so I doubt most people would object to the idea.

Allowing these conditional transfers would be a nice gesture to those of us who have invested our time in Kronos servers and stuck around for years, instead of leaving for other newer or trendier projects. Please give the idea some consideration. I think quite a lot of veteran players would enjoy this opportunity, and it might even breathe new life into K3 at this time.

Edit: Also this would obviously preclude the transfer of characters who have 20,000 gold, or an inventory full of 50 black lotuses. A reasonable limit of wealth transfer would have to be set.
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Aug 26, 2014
It was suggested before K3, admins said they'll consider it, but said no in the end.

Still more than two months to consider it again, but I don't think they will. They had 1.5 years to invent something to please those who have K1 toons. Apparently they just don't want to.
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