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Problem Created Character is Gone...


New Member
Oct 29, 2021
So I created a New Character on the K4 server about 3-4 hours ago and saw the toon pop up on the creation screen. I then tried to enter the game with this toon and at the time, I believe, the server was not quite live yet. I then logged into my character on Kronos (of the exact same name) and asked about the server and its uptime on world chat..

3 hours later.. (Now about an hour ago..) .. I tried logging onto the k4 server and the toon was not in the character selection screen. I then tried to create that toon again and it said that this name was not available for creation..

Now i assume some sort of bug has occurred with this toon having been created at a (in between time) of the server going live within the hour or even minutes of its creation...

If there is anyone who can reach out to me and/or look into this issue I would greatly appreciate it!
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