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Current state of the servers (K1 - K3?)


New Member
Apr 24, 2019
Hello to all that take the time to read this thread.

Late at night on Saturday the 20th the servers started to show some abnormal behaviour. We had just finished our raid in AQ20, and we noticed, after many attempts, that the winds were always spawning on the crystals on Ossirian, and never moving around from those positions. Ok, fair enough, we could call it just bad RNG or whatnot. But the real issue came after the raid, a little later on near the early hours of Sunday morning...

Now, we play on the Horde side, and yes, there are not that many of us, but we like to call Kronos 1 our home, and I'm sure a few others do too. Everyone in the guild started to experience similar issues which we determined are originating from the server's side, since it couldn't be client-side if everyone was having the same problems. Constant disconnects from the server which resulted in the client crashing. This was happening for some time before everyone decided that it's way too late to deal with this issue.

The following day (Sunday) the server seemed to have stabilized a bit more. Notably fewer client crashes were occurring, so we just shrugged it off. The thing is, that these crashes have become more frequent, almost to a point where the server is becoming unplayable. I'm talking anything from just being in the game, to the more serious causes such as: Opening your mailbox, opening your social tab to check the guild tab. These crashes then have adverse effects such as: Once logging back in you're unable to do anything, because the entire world is frozen. So you have to then restart the client once more. This is extremely frustrating, and I cannot imagine how this must look to new players that are wanting to try out the Kronos Experience of Vanilla.

Yes, I understand the devs are working on the merge, and yes, I know that these things take time. But can anyone attest to having these same issues on K3 too? I myself do not play on that server, but I can attest for the players of K1 having to deal with these issues on a daily basis since that dreadful Saturday eve. I hope that someone may be able to shed some light on this subject, because I'm sure everyone that I play with would like to know what exactly is the cause of this, and if anything is being done to address these issues.

Kind regards, Mal.
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