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DDoS Protection please!


New Member
Oct 23, 2014
So many good vanilla server's have fell victim, i trust an equal amount of effect will be put into server security :)


New Member
Aug 23, 2014
they already got a strong ddos protection, but it is obvious they cannot tell you what they use or how since that would be the same a publicing the type of safe you are locking your stuff in and the robber/hacker/ddos'er can see what the rest of the public can see and that would be reducing security.

but take a look at their other server's that run smooth, then consider that its hosted by "twinstar" who has the cash to survive or upgrade if a heavy artillery ddos'er should show up.

so i don't think there is much reason to worry, and if then you can try on their other servers to feel more secure since they are rock solid against ddos.
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