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Deleted Post from Flash due to Criticism "

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New Member
Jun 19, 2019
I dont understand why you would delete the thread? you dont want people to see? anyways, im gunna repost it here again... and deleting this thread in the first place proves how wrong you are, because if you where right, you wont behave in this way...



Head Kronos GameMaster & Lead Tester
Jul 15, 2018
Congratulations, you have managed to capture my attention. I have no problem going public about this matter whatsoever, you are more than welcome to criticize my actions as a member of the Kronos staff.

You purchased gold through real money transactions on Kronos III, you got caught and received a temporary ban since this is a violation against the project's rules. You had already spent the gold on consumables by the time the first ban was placed. You were for some reason were under the impression that you would be able to keep the gold that you had purchased. That is not how it works on Kronos, we are going to remove the gold that was bought, if there is no gold at that time then we will consider removing professions, mount skill, spells etc. You obviously didn't like that part but that is not my concern, you violated the project rule so you will deal with the consequences.

I explained how we proceed with this kind of violation but everything I said did not get through to your head. I removed the ban from your account and decided to remove your epic riding skill (equivalent to the amount of gold that you had purchased), That made you upset and you wrote the following and left Kronos discord afterwards:

"i got banned for getting carried in dungeon by lvl 60 by mistake, now i get banned a week for something i ddnt do or intend to, and then u take the mount, you say i dont understand the situation i guess its sign for me to quit anyway and wait for classic, thanks , have a good day "

The current ban on your account will remain active because you were acting like a child so you will be treated like a child, good day.
Not open for further replies.
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