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Warlock Demon pet problem?


New Member
Jun 5, 2015
Just a question.. I tried to start a human warlock yesterday. Got my imp, and… it just stood there. It wouldn’t attack when commanded to, it would follow (usually) but that’s about it. Sometimes when told to attack a little flame would start like it was about to shoot a bolt but then nothing.

I tried everything I could think of- aggressive, passive, defensive… Dismissing and re-summoning… Cleared the WDB and WTF folders.. deleted the character and started a new one but same thing. There was actually a server restart while I was playing too, and before and after that it didnt seem to make a difference.

I don’t plan to continue with the warlock for now so I’m not submitting to the bug tracker unless told to do so, just curious if this is a common problem, if there’s something I’m missing etc. (And curious if hunters have the same issue with their pets.) Also I’m on a Mac in case that’s the cause of weirdness like it is with a few other little things.

Thanks for the awesome server— Ond


Oct 16, 2014
Did you set the fireball to auto-cast?
The imp doesn't have a melee attack, so if you tell it to attack without having fireball on auto-cast it won't do anything (since it can't).


New Member
Dec 24, 2015
hi iv come on here for the same problem iv played the full fat game for years and never had to set the auto-cast so in laymans turms as im an old man lol how do you set the auto cast :w00t:

ok lol iv sorted it its the attack on assist in the interface thanks for the help hagson pointed me in the right cause
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Nov 7, 2014
Go into your spellbook and go to your imp's spells. If there is not a moving yellow line around the icon for fireball right-click the fireball icon and this will toggle the fireball to auto-cast. Additionally you can right click the spell icon on your pet hotbar to toggle auto-cast on and off.
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