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Other Dishonorable Kill in RFK


New Member
Jul 1, 2016
Hey everyone,
so I was doing RFK earlier today, and, after the boss, just after starting the escort, i got a dishonorable kill from an elve
i'm pretty sure i didnt attack him in the first place (maybe the goblin did ?), or it was not intentional, but i might be wrong...
so here are my questions :
- what does a DK do ?
- is there any way to remove it ?
- i'm lvl35 with around 90 hours of gameplay, should a make another character because a Dishonorable kill is that big of a deal ?
i've been searching on google for a bit, but it's pretty hard to have complete infos about vanilla
any other helpful info about it would be appreciated, thx a lot :smile:


Oct 20, 2014
No worries mate. If I understood correctly a DK only decreases your current rank progress.
Will have no longterm effects. You will just keep seeing that red 1 when you open your honor tab :D
And no, you can't remove it.
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