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Do you looking for some ideas of RP story ?


New Member
Apr 16, 2016
I know that lot of you skilled RPers want to start some RP storyline or just create some organisation of RPers. Here are some idea for horde players:


Clan is organisation of RPers who want to hunt small or big beasts together, buy or sell stuffs to other people in world, make raids on enemy positions and claim materials, participate in various invented rituals and make clan social life.

Races-> Orc, tauren, troll, (undeads if you want);
Classes-> Warrior, Shaman, Hunter, (others if you wants);
Required level -> 10

Three steps to create clan:

1. Find location and place which become your clan base at the beginnig. (or you can looking for your mates to start traveling across the country and make little camps on your path to find a clan base).

2. The clan organization should look like this:

- the head of clan is Chieftan ( Chieftan can be only one person. If you want become chieftan you have to challenge him to a duel. Looser must be banished from the clan or he will be doing peons work for rest of his life, or think of something else how to punish him.)

- Circle of Wisdom and Guidelines - Circle is made up of a few members usually shamans or warlocks, druids, priests if you decide to be a part of your clan. Circle cares about the prosperity of the clan, performs various rituals that you devise and advise the Chief but also other members of the clan seeking advice. The circle is best used as a storyteller or event organizers.

- Hunt and fight - Hunters and warriors ensure the safety of the clan and materials for clan needs. They are often sent to hunt, fight in wars, guard the base or get the raw materials for peons by raids or by shoping in cities. If you want rogues in your clans they can be very good rangers too.

- Hard labor - Clan needs such as food, raw materials, clothing and armor provided by Peons which are aimed directly at those professions. Peons can fight in wars.

- Chieftan command all clan members. Circle can command only warriors, hunters and peons. Peons must obey all.

3. Clan must have customs and traditions (admission of a new member, dispute resolution, anniversaries, weddings, etc.), try to figure out different rituals and prophecies which will shape the story.

Clan is very good component of roleplay which will provide you a lot of new experiences from the world of warcraft.

P.S. Pardon my english :shifty:
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