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Dual boxing


New Member
Jul 19, 2019
Coming from K2, being transferred to K1, and now with the server merge, I'd like to suggest allowing dual boxing in slightly more circumstances than K3 allows. Basically what was allowed on K2/K1. I don't see that it has hurt gameplay if not being done in PvP scenarios and as long as people are not using bots/software to run a character.


Head Kronos GameMaster & Lead Tester
Jul 15, 2018

allowing players to log onto multiple characters outside the major cities at once unlocked a specific gameplay that was to not healthy for the realm, we already witnessed this behavior on Kronos I and Kronos II, that is why we decided against it when Kronos III was released.

In retail wow, every individual can not afford paying for a subscription on multiple accounts, private servers do not have that privilege. Private servers allows every individual to create unlimited amount of accounts and there is no monthly subscription for it. If we had the same privilege as blizzard then we would not be having a multiboxing rule.

This rule will remain the same after the merger on the 24th of July. We have given players from Kronos I plenty of time to update themselves on the rules, we will not accept any excuses such as "It was allowed on K1", violating this rule will result in a punishment, there is no way around it. I can understand the frustration regarding this rule but we do not have any interest in reverting it whatsoever, sorry.
Apr 26, 2016
I can see why you have the rule, but some content you still don't seem to be able to do. I have tried for several days now, to get a group for various elite quests, with no luck. I don't personaly use multiboxing or plan to do it. Plus what are your plans after the release of retail, where I can emagine alot of players will leave Kronos. Plus being able to multibox in retail might be attractive to some players
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