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Other Dungeon Level website that is legit?


New Member
Feb 9, 2018
Any site I've been to has a recommended level but it's usually way over what the boss is.

Anyone know a site that is legit?

For example: Gnomer is rated at 29 - 38 but the last boss is 34. So to me, it would be best to go in at 31 or 32 but i wouldn't based off of that rating.

Haven't played Vanilla in ages and would like to know when I can get in instances.

The recommended range is basically from when you can enter without pulling everything from 100 away and actually be able to stand a chance up to the point where the lowest mobs are still green for you and give exp. I personally check the loot from the endbsses on atlas loot. If i am high enough to use tht loot or 1-2lvls below that at max i am ready to go. As a tank you might want to be on the higher side
I've been using one of those. And it didn't cause me any troubles. It was called overgear in case you decide to try.
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