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EngInventory - Baroque edit


New Member
Mar 20, 2019
One-bag with item type auto-sort. I've modded it to use sensible categorization/auto sorting for both leveling and end-game Vanilla 1.12.


Modifications in a nutshell:
  • Updated TOC for 1.12
  • Extended bag slot support from 109 slots to 128 slots (16-slot main bag & 4x 28-slot bag)
  • Modified OpenAllBags hook to allow Blizzard "Open All Bags" keybind to actually toggle, instead of just open bags (similar to default UI behaviour)
  • Modified default settings: scale from 0.64 to 1 and columns from 9 to 10
  • Modified categorization groups
  • Modified categorization string search patterns
  • Added over 300 items to specifically categorize (default override)

Scroll down on GitHub page for a full explanation.

Screenshot taken on Kronos PTR, while testing consumable categorization:


Difference examples, EngInventory original version vs edited version:


Original version left / Baroque edit right



Original version left / Baroque edit right



Original version left / Baroque edit right

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