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Horde <Enrage> EU Horde

May 9, 2016
Who are we?

Enrage is a guild that has been on Kronos since the early days, although the guild switched over to play on Nost until it went down in the gutter, since then it has reformed stronger than ever on Kronos and made a great impact on the realm while establishing us as one of the top horde raiding guilds. We are a very social guild with focus on PvE raiding and having fun together.

Our goals:

We wish to be among the top guilds on the server both in progression, as well as, the completion of the content itself. We want to clear out AQ and eventually Naxxramas as one of the first guilds when it releases.

Raid schedule:

Sunday: 19:00 - 23:00 ST (7-11 PM)
Monday: 19:00 - 23:00 ST (7-11 PM)

If these times won't work for you don't bother applying.

AQ20, ZG and alt runs are put up continuously throughout the week.

Loot distribution:

We use Loot Council in which we put extensive resources to keep as optimized as possible. We prefer it ahead of other systems due to the fact that we can track and distribute loot based on more factors than just attendance. With our system, some of the other things we track and reward is: performance, preparation, activity both outside and in raids. You will find more info in the link at the bottom of this text.

What do we expect from our raiders?

We want the cream of the crop and hence we are looking for the following:

  • Players that are always trying to improve himself and his guildies (both in playstyle and gear).
  • A dedicated, social and mature player who is also a good ambassador for the guild towards the rest of Kronos' players.
  • A competitive soul that likes competition and strive for success and improvements (winning threat meter does not count!).
  • A reliable player with a clock that shows up on time with all consumes, world buffs, correct specc etc.

What are we recruiting?

Druid: Closed
Hunter: Closed
Mage: Requiting one dedicated mage
Priest:One dedicated shadow and holy priest
Rogue: Closed
Shaman: Must be and out-standing player to be considered
Warlock: Must be an out-standing player to be considered
Warrior: DPS - Must be and out-standing player to be considered

We encourage everyone to apply, we will always consider exceptional players no matter the recruitment standings.
We will continuosly update this post with what we need so look in from time to time.

Read more about us!
Apply here!
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