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Alliance <Epeen Harmony>

Nov 7, 2014
<Epeen Harmony> [K4 *Alliance] PVP and Leveling guild

Guild objective: Avoid huge sweat and embrace minimal suck.

LF levellers who would like to queue some BGs, do WPVP, and run dungeons on their way to 60.

LF people who are interested in playing their classes above the level of mindless PVE button mashing.

LF people who would like to make twinks at the different level brackets

Anyone is welcome if they have a fighting spirit and are open to improving their battle prowess.

Option A: If we have a solid group of people by the time level cap rolls around I will transition the guild for raids. Most likely this will be EPGP or Lootlist with raid times TBD.
Option B: I will reach out to some of my Kronos contacts and try to set up joint raids or send members to those guilds for raiding opportunities.

If you have any questions feel free to DM me or talk in voice chat (jitendra#0914)

*If Horde is very underpopulated then I will make the guild over there

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