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*Experienced Roleplayer wants to share a beer with you*


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Jun 10, 2021
Greetings adventurer,

My name is Terenar, aslo knowed as Liondyll Silverfeather (high elf), Magham Laughing Skull (orc), Tzan'ka Black Spear (Trol), Terenar Josech Jhonsson (human), Ivar Overhelmer (Also ex-member of fiction Orcslayers dwarf clan) and my well knowed Alfred Petersson (undead).

Yhea... I have a quite few names all around the world... Nevermind. Let's go to the point.
Im here to ask for a fully RP guild, I don't care if it is RP-PVP cause PVP it's my second desire before RP. I would love to know to pvp as much as I do RP, but something is something

I like to Roleplay, as you've guessed, I been roleplaying my entire life and im not stopping! Im not going to explain myself too much, but I had to quit from WoW for quite long. Now that I have another computer, im engaging in this server for the pvp content of Cata, but also, you know... Chance of roleplay.

What I expect?
Tbh, I like all the roles and I've played/roleplayed almost everything (Yhea... Even things you guys are NOT PREPARED to roleplay o_o). But there's always something new to enjoy, so im open to everything.
I like to play with everyone, but here are a few things I do not tolerate:
- IC/ OOC misunderstandings. What happens in IC stays in IC and the same with the OOC world.
- Super characters. Nope, to split the world in a half I have my own OOC char, in RP i like the real hardcore things. You know, be that damn guard with the arrow in the poor knee.
- Basic roleplay rules. Meta, power, etc... You guys know it.
- Incoherency/ Ilogical / Lineal roles. What can i tell? I don't like loose my char because the RM takes out from his pocket a hiper mega boss, or... Being rekt by a flurry of arrows and keep walking. Or a heavy lost battle but at the end won by the grace of somewhat cringe light/drake/plot armor. You know what im talking about guys, I don't like unreallistic things inside what can happen in a fantasy world (quite incoherent but... Hehe, we have to have some rules inside whatever world)
- Boss role bubble. Idk how it is called, but that roles where EVERYTHING happens around the RM repulse me. I do care the leader of the roles, and understand it's rank, but no life spins around anyone. The fun of the rol is to make stories with anyone that crosses you way.

Fav roleplays
As I said, I like everyting, BUT there's a few roles I save in my heart thanks to my startings in this roleplay journey. 1- Paladins stereotype (What can I say? I like to crush undead beings while my char screams a blessing battlecry) 2- Rouge/Pirate/Subtley, who the hell have never felt that tension of getting discovered in middle of a quest?! AH?! 3- Orcish clan's, yep, im a warrior what can I tell? Battleborned to the bones baby. And the last, 4- Arcane adept/Necromancer. Yhea, yhea... It's fun to smash (or try hehe) undeads to the ground, but also it is to control them, or being controlled >.>... And to be that virgin student with two silvers salary trying to study magic arts. Virgin young Khadgar FTW!

My cons

I share computer, so maybe I can't rp one day. I also have social life, that means OOC > IC. I have a lot of free time, but there's always days when something suprises me.
Last and the most crucial. Im not a english native speaker (as you had guess), so expect wrong sentences. I do whatever I can to let myself get explained. Anyways, my chars usually don't are those talky and speakers ones, so there's nothing to worry about.

My pros

Open minded guy. I do have a lot of experience, so I can teach new players in this world in needed. You can expect me to be friendly, im here to have fun so that's what im going to do hell yhea. Did I say I have a lot of free time? Yhea? Hm... Well, take it again then! Fast answers, im always doing things yhea, but it takes no time to me to check the phone or computer to respond.

Damn, this is a long post tbh... I don't have anything more to say but I play in Apollo 2. So any rp guild there is welcome. I can move to where you guys need, just be serious about it. I will not go to anywhere if the roleplay is about taking flowers of the neighbours garden (poor ones :c). Let's have fun, but take it seriously please.

To end this, I will give you my discord to fast chat with me, and my ingame name (Apollo 2, remember)
Discord: Terenar#1791
Game: Magham (Orc Warrior BABYYY YHEAA)

See you around the world and have a nice roleplay fellows!
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