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extra bank slot for 250g


Oct 28, 2015
how does it encourage gold buying
it would just be 1 more slot that ppl would only buy on mains anyway and if their bank's so full they need another slot they can probably afford it regardless
and even if it did encourage it, that's not really an argument since gold buying is against the rules and it's up to the staff to take measures against it
and if anything it would be good to have more money sinks in an inflating, predominantly lvl 60 economy where everyone is rich af already

i know it's probably not gonna fly tho, but u know what they say
it doesn't hurt to ask


Sep 12, 2016
If you 'farmed' so much things that all the standard bank bags are still not enough for you, then you probably either have a lot of useless items there, or spend too much time in the game.


New Member
May 3, 2018
I just know that Server population started to dump a few months ago on Kronos when K3 started getting closer. But judging by all of the k3 youtube video views, and information videos on how to farm, how to level, build certain classic, ect. All have a substantial amount of views. Also, these top forum threads have over 20,000 views about K3 only since late January. So I believe K3 is going to be big and have a really good feel to it, and a much healthier economy. I truly hope so xD. GL to everyone, go out there in The World and kredi kill it.
I'm not sure if Census is working correct but for me
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