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[MC] Molten Core <FANATICS> PUG MC Run


Feb 17, 2016
Hello Azeroth,

This is an invite to any adventurers wanting to test their metal in a PUG run of MC hosted by <FANATICS>.

Loot: MS>OS Rolls
Legendary items are reserved.
Cores are reserved.
BOE Epics will be rolled off at the end of the raid.

Needed Addons: Big Wigs
CTRaid Assist
KTM Threat Meter
SW Stats
Luna 2.0
Improved Error Frame
Natur Enemy Cast Bar
TankBuddy (For Tanks Only)

Voice Chat Program: Teamspeak 3

Any questions can be put in a reply directly to this thread or simply join our website, sign up for the raid, and ask questions there. We have an ally rank on the website roster for anyone outside the guild to help keep track of people wanting to join our raids.

<FANATICS> Guild Website

Hope to see you there.
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