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Warlock Favorite Demon:


Oct 10, 2011
Eindhoven, NL
You mean DS/Ruin?
ofc, my bad :)

between a SM/DS draintank and an SL draintank
only SL got real survivability in pvp, as drain life got buffed severel times after 2.x patch. SM (or better to say DP) is then build around gaining your pet's mana, so you can drain life like madman and not die, but this with every other build would be impossibly manaheavy. and never heard of DS draintank in vanilla.


New Member
Aug 14, 2016
@Lharts Are you kidding me "if you hold back dps"

Voidwalker can out aggro tanks in dungeons from 10-60, you don't need to hold back any dps, you can spam searing pain (and I have) and he still keeps aggro, hes an amazing leveling pet, probably the best, maybe succubus for dmg, but if u ever get swampes you just cntrl+1 each one and the voidy handles it.
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