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Warlock Fear+Resist+VW


New Member
Jun 24, 2016
Hi all I have a few questions on kronos server.(comparing to nost and other server)

The fear chance breaking on a target is imminent if u have only 2dots on...I remember on nost i could do 4dots and it took like 10sec to break fear is it bugged?

Also I feel that the resisting chances are increased compared to nost?

Also is it me or does VW not tank as good on K2?Or is the hp/mp regen very low on the pets?VW can tank up to 2 mobs but tanking 3 and it dies lol.It is to the point that I must use health funnel.On nost i didnt even have health funnel on my skill bar.

Anyone else feel these differencies?I doubt they will get fixed even if their is a problem with them.
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